Pet Hair Vacuum Secrets You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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If you own a pet that constantly sheds hair, you know extracting the fur from your clothing, furniture, and carpet can become a challenging task. There are vacuums particularly designed to eliminate pet hair and can save immense time and effort. Yet, it can be hard to find the right vacuum for the results you desire. Fortunately, we have compiled pet hair vacuum secrets that will help you win in the war against pet hair.


Please browse through this list of vacuum cleaners to find the best pick for your house. The content we provide is for informational purposes only. Cleanzen is not affiliated with or endorsed by the below brands.


DYSON Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Vacuum





• Lightweight
• Perfect picking up pet hair in our test
• Cordless



• Costly



• Weight: 5.9 lbs.
• Cord or cordless: Cordless
• Run time: Up to 60 minutes
• Bag or bagless: Bagless
• Dirt cup capacity: .2 gallons
• Filter: Whole-machine filtration


This vacuum has three power suctions that offer the flexibility you need for lightweight as well as heavy-duty cleaning. It is shockingly light in weight, but it can pick up minuscule particles and considerable-sized debris in a single swipe. You can use this appliance to remove pet hair from various kinds of flooring and transform it into a hand held vacuum when needing to address your furniture. Also, this machine is agile and fast to extend to spots other vacuums cannot reach and are more convenient for quick cleaning.



Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Upright Vacuum





• Certified by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation
• High efficiency at a lower cost



• Heavier than expected



• Weight: 19 lbs.
• Cord or cordless: Cord
• Cord length: 30 feet
• Run time: N/A
• Bag or bagless: Bag
• Bag volume: 5.1L
• Filter: HEPA


In most cases, pet hair sprinkled throughout your home is a small price for owning your favorite animal. But, if you suffer from asthma or allergies issues, pet hair can cause significant concerns for your health. Thankfully, vacuum models like the Kenmore pet-friendly upright vacuum are certified by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA). It has passed many tests for lower emissions both while vacuuming and when changing the bag.


With this in your household, you can keep the dirt well-contained and ensure the air is clear. Plus, it comes with beneficial features like a five-position height option for easier pushing across all carpet types and an air-powered hand device to more easily extract embedded pet hair from your upholstery and stairs.



BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Vacuum





• Securely sealed to capture allergens
• No-touch dust cup
• Extended wand for hard to reach areas



• Slight struggle on bare floors
• Recurring costs to replace parts



• Weight: 13.75 lbs.
• Cord or cordless: Cord
• Cord length: 30 feet
• Run time: N/A
• Bag or bagless: Bagless
• Dirt cup capacity: 0.75 L
• Filter: SmartSeal Allergen System


For a device to successfully tackle your pet hair cleaning requirements, please consider this exemplary vacuum from Bissell. It has an impressive hair spooling technique that holds fur into the canister. Also, it has a tangle-free brush that prevents the strands from jamming the bristles. When you are ready to empty the dust cup, it has a hands-free setup that your vacuum easier to use. You will also get additional components like a 7-foot hose, a lighted crevice apparatus, a pet turbo eraser tool, and a 2-in-1 pet dusting brush.



Removing Pet Hair From Your Vacuum


After cleaning pet hair from around your house, you should also remove the excess hair from your vacuum. Routinely tending to the roller, brushes, filter, and hoses will ensure your attachments remain unclogged and in working order. Keeping these clear will help tremendously, even when you must attack more extensive fluffs of hair.

Tidying your vacuum also prevents it from becoming the cause of bad smells in your home. To keep your residence smelling fresh, toss away the bag or empty the canister before it gets completely filled. Also, you can add one tablespoon of baking soda to the container or new bag before you start up again. This approach will help minimize unpleasant smells and make your vacuum more delightful to use.



Secret Tips For Vacuuming Pet Hair


When removing pet hair, the most significant factor for success is the type of surface the hair is on. For baseboards, try using an attachment with soft bristles so the hair will not blow around and escape. When you reach the edge of your carpet, use a crevice device so the angled tip can dip into the tighter spaces. Also, you can use your vacuum throughout your entire home once every few days, so large amounts of pet hair are not gathered throughout your place.



Keeping your residence free from pet hair can be challenging when you have furry companions running around. Even though you enjoy having your four-legged friends in your household, it can be overwhelming to clean after them. It is even more intimidating when you lack time to handle the job properly. At Cleanzen, our professional house cleaners can help keep the pet fur under control. Contact us today to arrange our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services for your home.


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