Quick and Simple Steps to Keep Your Mattress Clean

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If you like to eat in bed while watching TV or to lounge against your pillows while eating a snack, you may find all sorts of crumbs and stains on your sheets. But, if you look a bit further, you will notice some of these particles and spots have made their way to your mattress as well. It would be great to toss your bed into the washing machine for a quick refresh, but that cannot happen. Instead, you can use these simple steps to get your mattress cleaned and equipped for a peaceful night of sleep.


Undress the Bed and Wash the Bedding


Remove your sheets, pillowcases, and mattress covers from your bed and put them in your washer. You can let them complete a cycle as you handle the mattress. If you find yourself sneezing or dealing with a runny nose and congestion, you may want to try washing your sheets in hot water to eliminate dust mites. Or, if the sheets cannot get exposed to hot water, let them spend at least 15 minutes at a high temperature in the dryer. Always check the care label before continuing.



Use Your Vacuum


While lying on our bed, body oils, dead skin cells, and hair can collect on your sheets and the mattress. These sheddings are unsightly to look at, and they can also sand and scrape away at the materials that make up your mattress. Over time, this is why you notice fading, wearing, and ripping around the exterior.


To eliminate this collection of dirt and dust, you can vacuum your mattress on a regular basis. Add your upholstery attachment to your vacuum cleaner and run it over the top and sides of your bed. Pay particular attention to the seams where dirt or dust may get hidden and become more difficult to lift away.



Apply an Effective Cleanser


There are many ways that spots and discolorations can find their way to your mattress. To get these removed, you should lightly spray over the blemish and avoid drenching your mattress with water or a cleaning solution. When this water is inside, your bed becomes an ideal environment for mildew or mold to thrive.


By spot cleaning your mattress, you will only clean the visible places by hand. To get successful results with biological stains like urine, blood, and sweat, you can use an enzyme cleaner for easier removal. But, for other spills or drips, you can mix dish soap with water and apply just a light dab to the stain. Also, you can create a solution that consists of equal parts cold water and hydrogen peroxide. The most significant factor to remember is using as little as possible to avoid heavy saturation.



Sprinkle Baking Soda


Once you have treated any stains on your mattress, open the windows so that fresh air and sunlight can come in and freshen your mattress. The UV rays from the sun can help lighten any dark areas and will aid in killing any bacteria on the mattress. Along with that, sprinkle a light layer of baking soda over your bed to absorb any excess moisture and to absorb unpleasant odors.



You can give the baking soda 30 min or longer to take effect on your mattress. After that, use your vacuum attachment to lift it away. You can also vacuum around and under your bed, clean your headboard, and wipe any other furniture in the room. This movement will eliminate any dust that settled around the room while you were addressing the mattress. And, you can get the entire revived at one time for a total transformation.



Turn the Mattress


Once you are sure that your mattress is dry, you should flip it over and repeat the steps on the other side. This turning gets done to get a thorough clean, but the frequency you turn your mattress is usually handled every three months or based on the manufacturer’s instructions.



Add Protection


Before you add your sheets back to your bed, you can cover your mattress with a protector that will shield it from spills and dirt. You can also ensure that your sheets get washed each week so they can effectively protect your mattress from dust. These coverings will also limit the amount of attention your bed needs and makes your cleanings much easier to complete.



Eventually, you will need to replace your mattress with a new one. But, taking these steps can make it more pleasant to use in the meantime. With consistent care, you can make your bed more comfortable to sleep on and help extend the life.


Now that you have an effective way to clean your mattress, you may need help cleaning the rest of your home. Housework is a tremendous responsibility and working with professionals is a great way to remove strain and pressure from your life. You can spend hours dusting and vacuuming around your home and still not get the results you want. However, our Cleanzen team can manage your housework and leave you amazed at their results. Contact us today to schedule our services or to learn about the assistance we offer.


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