6 Reasons You Should Visit Miami at Least Once

tourist visiting Wynwood Wall Miami

To a lot of people, Miami is just a port city that they pass through to get to somewhere else, perhaps stopping to take in the sunny beaches and great weather. But Miami is so much more than that- it’s a place to enjoy some incredible local dishes and take in a mishmash of culture from around the world. Let’s look at some of the best reasons why you should stop and spend some time in Miami.

Food, Miami Style


Miami is known for its colorful culture, and the food here is no different! Because Cuba is only 90 miles away, the food in Miami is heavily influenced by the dishes you would find there. If you follow your nose through the city, you will likely find yourself in or near Little Havana which has some of the best representations of Cuban food and culture in Miami.



You can find anything from pastries to coffee to some of the best Cuban sandwiches you have ever tasted. Seriously, we cannot recommend anything more than trying as many of these dishes as possible during your visit to Miami. With all the incredibly fresh and high-quality ingredients, your stomach will thank you.


Parties That Never End


The nightlife in Miami is indescribably lively and popular. If you think New York is the city that never sleeps, then you’ve never seen South Beach in Miami. You are bound to find some kind of pool party or celebrity-owned nightclub any night of the week, providing you with endless opportunities to experience the beauty of Miami at night.



Many of the nightclubs are known for their music and drinks and some have even hosted celebrities and singers. Even some of the restaurants in the area stay open 24 hours, so you can stop in for a late night refuel during a bar crawl. Wherever you are in the city, let the sounds of live music and laughter guide you to the best known spots or to a hidden gem to dance all night long.


Shop ‘til You Drop



Shopping in Miami is like stepping into a shopper’s heaven. You are spoiled with unique shopping opportunities all over the city, from luxury to the unexpected. For fun family shopping, dining, and water-front activities we suggest you check out the Bayside Marketplace. It has all sorts of mainstream brands and touristy curios to choose from, along with some great stalls for unique purchases, all in a semi-outdoor market setting. There are even kid-friendly events and live music performances throughout the week for you and your family to enjoy.


Getting Out On The Water



Some of the best experiences in Miami aren’t even on land. During your visit, be sure to book an afternoon boat ride around the bay or a tour of Star Island. There are many different varieties of boat experiences for any kind of trip, ranging from adults only sunset cruises to thrilling power boat rides for families and kids looking for some fun during the day. No matter what you’re looking for during your trip, seeing the beautiful Miami skyline from the water is something we think you’ll want to experience over and over again.


Experience the Keys



You can easily arrange a day trip to each of the islands along with a drive along the bridges for stunning ocean views. If a drive isn’t what you were looking for during your trip, you can easily opt for a boat cruise and tour of the Keys. Either way, you’ll want to see and experience all the beauty that each of the Keys have to offer.


Nature is Within Reach


If nature is calling you during your trip to Miami, be sure to add a trip to the Everglades to your list of things to do. Just a short drive away is the massive Everglades National Park, full of swamps, mangroves, and wildlife. This is the perfect escape out of the city for any family or nature lover and there are numerous things to do and see within the park.



Book an airboat tour or break out the kayak for a peaceful day exploring the different areas and watching alligators or manatees. There are even some shops and cafes within the park so that you will be able to find everything you need for your afternoon in nature or grab a quick meal before heading back to the city. Either way, it is easy to spend hours or even days within this stunning park.


When your trip comes to an end, you’ll want to make sure your Airbnb or rental home is spotless in time for checkout. Or maybe you’ve just fallen in love with Miami and decided on buying a home in the city and need a great cleaning service to keep it tidy when you’re not around. We’re here to help! Book your appointment today and we’ll get to work helping you keep your home away from home looking and feeling clean for every visit.


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