Removing Water Stains and Rings on Wood Furniture

Water Marks On Wood Surface

There is a reason that wood has gotten used for many years to create beautiful furniture and decorations for the home. It adds a warmth and coziness that you will not get from other materials. If your home feels cold and stark, wooden pieces can transform your space to become more welcoming. Many studies have shown that wood has a calming effect on those around it. Along with that, it can relieve stress and lower your blood pressure.


Because of these benefits, you will want to protect your wood furniture so you can have it for many years. When a family member or guest places a cup or glass on your surface, you may worry that spots will get left on it. In fact, you may already have marks that you have covered with tablecloths or accessories. It may seem that these blemishes will always be there, but there are ways to get them removed. With the right tools, you can lift water stains and restore the wood to its original appearance.

  • Understanding White and Dark Water Stains


If you see discolorations on wood furniture, these have occurred because of moisture infiltrating the protective finish. To correctly handle the damage that has transpired, you should first examine how severe it is. Take a closer peek at the stain, and you will notice whether the coloring is white or dark. These shades indicate how deep the dampness has gone into the lumber.



You may have a few water stains to deal with or just one that marring the appearance of your furnishings. If they are white water stains, the precipitation gets confined to the finished layer of the furniture, which is right at the top. If you have darker water stains that look brown or black, you have moisture that has gotten down into the wood. You can use the below tips to address the lighter blemishes since irreversible damage has not happened. But, the dimmer lines and circles are not easily fixed. They will require more effort and may require the work of a professional.


  • How to Remove Water Stains from Wood Furniture


Before purchasing a new product to extract water rings out of wood, try these techniques first.


  • Clothes Iron


Ironing not only eliminates wrinkles and shrinkage of your clothing but also causes them to look fresher than before. You may not think about using this appliance in other parts of your household, but now you can. It is quite useful for eliminating water stains as long as you are careful with the temperature. Get started by washing and drying the furniture with a soft cloth. After that, check the iron to ensure it does not have water in it.

Once you see that your iron is dry, plug it in to allow the device to warm up. You do not want to put it directly on your furniture, so place a towel or cotton cloth over the stained area and run the iron across that material. After a minute, you can peep underneath to examine your progress. Repeat these steps until the stain disappears.



  • Baking Soda


Baking soda is an inexpensive cleanser and deodorizer that can work wonders throughout your entire home. It is well-known in most households and the first item most people grab to remedy their issues. When it comes to removing older water stains, baking soda may be the best choice. You can mix it with water to create a paste and use a napkin to gently rub the smudged area. Continue rubbing until you see the stain disappear.

While using this method, rub along the grain so you will not cause additional damage. Also, remember to wipe away the paste once you are done and use a drop of furniture polish to restore the shine.



  • Toothpaste


Toothpaste is a mildly abrasive part of your daily routine to remove dental plaque. That same rough action works phenomenally for lifting scuffs and stains on everything from jewelry and shoes to sinks and countertops. Along with these items, you can use toothpaste for your water stains as well. To gain successful results, use a soft cloth to lightly massage non-gel toothpaste on your furniture. As you make small circular motions, you will see the spot lighten and then disappear.

If you need to hurry or have lots of blemishes to handle, you may get tempted to scrub harder on the damaged areas. Yet, this can wear down the protective finish also. Keep in mind that a gentle technique can be quite effective.


  • Mayonnaise


Typically, you can get mayonnaise on your table by accident, but now you will be smearing it on purpose. Although cleaning with mayonnaise is an unconventional approach, many people report effective results by using it. As long as you apply a full-fat dressing, you should be able to get the same achievement. Start the process by spooning a bit of mayo on a napkin and dab it on the stain. Unlike the other methods, this will take much longer to work and must sit overnight. You may want to place a bowl or covering across the area so that a member of your household will not wipe it away.

Once the night passes, you should have a spotless area missing the blemish and gleaming with a marvelous shine. The main ingredients are vinegar, eggs, oil, and lemon juice, which will nourish the wood and enhance its appearance.


  • Keeping Your Home Beautiful and Clean


Although you have coasters available for your friends and family to use, they may still place their drinks on your wood furniture. Instead of letting this ruin your day, you can now clear away water stains to maintain the appearance of your home.




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