How to Repurpose Empty Candle Jars Around Your Home

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By making your household a cozy retreat, you can experience all sorts of benefits to your health and well-being. With the right environment, you may find yourself releasing any anxiety that gripped you throughout the day. Also, you may find yourself moving into a happier mood and a better ability to connect with others in your life.


To get this coziness in your home, there are many items you can use. Yet none are as powerful as your favorite candle. These have a versatility that allows them to match with any decor, add whatever scent you want to enjoy, generate the right mood to suit any of your activities. Instead of throwing these away when you get done, you can reuse them in other ways around your home. Below are ideas that you should try.

Cleaning Your Candle Jars


Once you decide to reuse your decorative candle jar, you should get started by removing the older wax from the inside. After successfully cleaning the interior, you can experiment with multiple ways to repurpose them in your household.


Using your freezer. An easy way to withdraw leftover wax from your candle jar is by placing it in your freezer. You can leave it inside that cold air for an hour and then use a butter knife to scrape out the wax. As you graze the glass with the knife, the frozen wax pieces should crack apart and fall out. Once you get this removed, you tug on the wick until it comes out and then use soapy water to finish cleaning the jar.


Using hot water.  If you cannot access your freezer, you can use hot water to clear the interior of your jar. After boiling a cup of water, slowly pour the heated liquid into the candle jar. Once that is complete, you should see the wax lift away on its own, or you will need to use a butter knife to loosen the stuck-on pieces. Once all the residual wax gets raised from the glass, you can pour out the water and clean the jar with soapy water.


Remove the label. Some candles have beautiful labels that add to the uniqueness of the design and make them better for the decor within your home. Yet, there may be some labels that you want to discard. When you have one that you want to remove, you can apply any time of cooking oil, such as olive, canola, sesame, sunflower, coconut, or vegetable. Let the oil rest on the label for fifteen minutes, and it should then take less effort to remove.



Organize Toiletries



You may notice yourself cringing every time you glance at your vanity, bathroom counter, or into your hall closets. There could be a mess in those spaces that make you feel drained instead of empowered. This weariness is not the type of negative energy you want in your home, which is why you should recycle your favorite candle container. Designate a specific purpose for each jar and only use it that way for cotton balls, scissors, tweezers, makeup brushes, lip pencils, lip glosses, and more.



Lighten Your Home


Even though you have overhead lights in your home, these may be too bright or too soft for your comfort. Instead of allowing these fixtures to ruin your mood, you can add fairy lights to your empty candle jars to create a better atmosphere. You can use them to illuminate your rooms so you can read or study. Or, you can use these lights to soften the space for a movie night or romantic evening.



Decorate Surfaces



There are many spaces in your home that serve practical purposes for your household. These are great to hold your books, plants, and photos, but they can also help add beauty to your rooms. You can use your empty glass jars to spruce up your space by adding items like shells, dried flowers, wine corks, small pine cones, decorative spheres, and more.



Save Spare Change


You may joke about the coins that accumulate under your sofa cushions, but these can be quite helpful. By emptying the loose change from your pockets or purse into your empty glass jar, you have a stylish more convenient way of saving your money. You can pull a few coins out when you need to tip a delivery person, pay for street parking, or donate to a worthy cause.



Highlight Succulents



Due to their water-retaining capacities and ability to thrive with little attention, succulents are great additions to your home. You can get these in petite sizes that will look amazing when placed in your empty glass jars. Be sure to place them near south or east-facing windows, and you should enjoy them for many years.



Stock Pet Treats


For some pets, treats are great to keep them engaged and rewarded for listening to your instructions. To keep your pet well trained, you must be consistent in giving them these delicacies. That is why you should keep them in places that are easy to remember and reach. With your ornamental glass jar, you can access these treats whenever you need them. Also, they will be a cute decoration that represents a beloved member of your family.



Create a New Candle



Instead of going to the store to purchase a new candle, you make one for yourself. This process will let you tailor the characteristics to your particular tastes by adding your preferred essential oils into the wax. Get started by acquiring wicks and wax from your local crafts store. Place the wax in a heat-proof container to microwave it for five minutes. As you wait for the wax to melt, use a small amount of glue to stick the wick to the bottom of your empty jar. Remove the melted wax and pour it into your jar. Do this with one hand and hold the top of the wick with your other hand. Once you have filled your container, stow it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. After that time, your wax will have solidified and be ready for use.


Not only is it fun to complete DIY activities for your home, but these projects are also great ways to unwind and save money. Whenever you get these completed, you can feel more bonded to your residence, pleased with your hard work, and have something to show off whenever you have guests. To have more time to carry out these pursuits, let our skilled Cleanzen team tackle the cleaning of your home. We will keep your home sparkling while you enjoy more enjoyable pastimes. Give us a call right away to book our services.


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