Simple Ways To Reduce Static Electricity in Your Home

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As the weather starts to cool, you may notice your clothes clinging to your body and strands of your hair rising above your head. You may even feel a surprising jolt with most things you touch around your home. This zap is from the static shock that occurs more often in cold, dry environments. The lack of moisture in the air makes it difficult for electrons to move around and causes electric charges to build up and stick to your surroundings.


This accumulation results in unexpected flashes of light as you put on clothes, climb into bed or grab the handle of the door. Fortunately, you can stop these incidents by reducing the static electricity in your home. Keep reading below for the easy steps you can take.

Run a Humidifier


Since dry air is a primary reason that static electricity becomes a nuisance in your home, you should start your fight by adding water into the air. By using a humidifier each day, you will release steam to boost moisture levels in the air. Not only will this reduce the electricity, but it can also decrease the spread of germs, relieve congestion, deter dry skin, alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms, and reduce snoring.



Once the air is moist, the electrons will move off your body and other surfaces without the chance to pile together. It gets distributed in tiny undetectable discharges instead of a distressing shock.



Boil Water


You may boil water when you are ready to cook a tasty meal. But, you can use it in other ways around your home also. These can work as a humidifier by adding moisture into the air. Though you can run a humidifier all day and night, this technique can only get done a few hours per day. If you want to freshen up your household while eliminating the static, add cinnamon or citrus peels to your water.



Add House Plants



Not only do house plants increase color and vibrancy in your home, but they will also reduce the static cling. These pull water from the soil so the upper parts can thrive. Whatever moisture is not needed gets evaporated into the air.



Try Static Guard


While walking across your carpet, the electrons from the flooring can transfer to your feet and cause a shock when you touch something or someone. However, you can use a static guard spray to prevent this from happening. You can find a pre-made formula at a local store or make it at home by mixing two cups of water with two tablespoons of fabric softener and two tablespoons of vinegar. You should not soak the carpet but lightly spritz it to get your desired results.



Use Lotion



Because you remain covered in colder months, you may skip your lotion. Yet, it is helpful all year to protect your skin and clear away the flaking that comes with dry skin. The cream also adds the moisture your body needs to release static generated in your clothes or from the furniture you use. If you apply lotion over your body after a shower and continue putting it on your hands, you will notice a decrease in the static you experience.



Include Baking Soda


As you wash clothing and linen, baking soda is a great addition. It can neutralize odors and soften the water, so the detergent is more effective. Along with those benefits, baking soda can also act as a barrier that prevents static from building up. When you place your items in your washer, pour in baking soda based on the size of your load. Smaller loads may require ¼ cup, while more is needed for a larger bundle.



Choose Better Fabrics


The number of static shocks you experience may happen due to the materials you wear. Particular fabrics conduct electricity better than others and should get avoided as much as possible. Synthetic fabrics, like rayon, polyester, or spandex, can increase your chances of getting electrical jolts. To prevent these occurrences, try cotton clothing or other natural fibers instead.



Toss in Foil

Although dryer sheets can make your laundry softer and provide a better scent, you may not like the synthetic chemicals involved. For a reliable alternative, you can roll a handful of foil into a ball and toss it into your dryer. As your objects tumble around, the foil keeps them from forming negative or positive charges that normally result in static cling. When you reach to take them out, you no longer have to fear the occasional static pop against your hands.



Get Help With Cleaning Your Entire Home


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