The Best Methods for Getting Cat Pee out of Your Couch

We love our cats, but when they leave a mess on the couch, it can be a pain to clean up. There’s not just the urine that needs to be dried up, but you also have to find a way to get rid of the smell. Cat pee has a pungent, strong odor, and it can be difficult to completely get that out of your couch. The fabric and cushions of the couch easily absorb cat urine, holding on to the smell until you find a proper cleaning method to release it.


We want to share with you some of the most effective ways to get rid of cat urine (and particularly the smell) from your couch. That way, next time your cat makes a mess there, it won’t be such a struggle to clean it up. Instead of stressing out over what you’re going to do, you know exactly how to get rid of it.

Use a Machine


The most effective method for getting rid of cat urine from your couch is to use an upholstery machine. This is a machine specially designed for cleaning upholstery, and it does a great job of getting rid of the urine and the lingering smell. Some cleaning methods leave behind a faint smell and are not very effective. If you use the wrong method, you can actually make the problem worse and more difficult to solve.



Just follow the directions on the upholstery cleaning machine, but keep in mind that cat urine is pretty stubborn, and you may need to clean the area several times before you completely get rid of the smell. How tough it is to remove the urine with the machine will depend on how much urine is soaked into your upholstery and what kind of upholstery you have.



Make Your Own Spray


There are some cleaning chemicals you can mix together at home from basic household items that work really well at getting rid of cat pee. We want to share with you one of those that’s really effective.


You will need to mix together one part water with three parts vinegar. So, use three times as much vinegar as you do water, and you can make up as much as you want at a time. This is a really effective cleaner, especially to get rid of lingering, stubborn odors.



You can put your mixture into a spray bottle and use it to get rid of the cat urine. Before you use your spray cleaner, however, you should dry up as much of the cat urine as possible. Don’t rub at it vigorously with a towel, though, as that can push the scent and the liquid deeper into the cushions. Instead, use a blotting technique which will get rid of a lot of the liquid, soaking it up so that there’s less work for you to do.


Then, spray down the affected area with your homemade cleaner. Make sure that you get every part that’s been affected by cat urine with your cleaner. Don’t dry that up right away or set up a fan to dry it up. Allow it to really soak into the couch and let it sit on your upholstery overnight. That way, it can really work into the fabric and penetrate, getting rid of the smell of cat urine over a period of time.


You won’t have to rinse off the cleaner once it’s done, but you may need to use it a few times before the smell of cat pee has completely disappeared. That is a really lingering, strong scent, and a single cleaning may not be enough. Of course, that depends on how serious the mess is on your couch. Don’t be discouraged if the smell is still there faintly after you’ve cleaned once or twice. It may take a few times before the smell disappears completely, but it will if you’re using this method.



A Few Tips for Minimizing Cat Urine Messes



If you find that your cat is peeing on the upholstery and other items in the home where it shouldn’t be and that this is happening frequently, there may be some issues you need to address. First of all, take a look at your cat’s litter box. If it’s full or doesn’t smell very nice, then that’s probably why your cat isn’t using the litter box. Make sure you’re cleaning the litter box out regularly and using a litter that is a good match for your cat.


Another thing you can do is be careful about the kind of cleaning solutions you use. If you try to get rid of cat urine on your upholstery by using ammonia, your cat will find that the smell is similar to their pee and may try to mark the area again.


If your cat previously used only the litter box to pee but is now peeing everywhere, it may have a health problem. It may be worth taking your cat to the vet to see if there’s something wrong.
Now you know a few tips for cleaning up cat urine on your couch, so the next time your cat does what it shouldn’t do, you’ll know how to handle it. For help with getting rid of foul odors and other cleaning essentials, contact us at Cleanzen. We offer professional cleaning services to make your life easier.


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