The Cost of Having a House Cleaned in Philadelphia

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Coming up with the cost of cleaning your house is not simple. To start with, each house cleaning company has its special pricing. Also, many other factors can influence the final cleaning costs.  Generally, hiring a cleaning service costs $90 to $ 150 nationally. The national hourly rate per cleaner, on the other hand, is $25 to $90. However, this is bound to vary based on the place and the required cleaning area. Below are some things that will influence how much you will pay to have your house cleaned in Philadelphia.

1. Size of the House and Location


Any cleaning company will need to visit your home to figure out the accurate charges for cleaning your house. So, they will not give estimates over the phone before knowing the location and size of your house. On the size of the house, a cleaning company will consider the square footage of your house. Besides, they will also look at additional spaces in your house. For instance, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms will influence the cost. If your house has multiple bathrooms, expect to incur extra charges.



Once the size of your house is known, the time it will take to clean is estimated. In order to assess the task at hand, the company takes measurements of your house using a laser distance measurer. Overall, the larger your house, the more it will cost to clean.


Next in consideration is the location of your house. Is your house located at a fair distance? Then, the cleaning company will need to move their staff and cleaning equipment. Therefore, you may incur more charges to compensate for fuel and travel time.



2. Cumulative Labor Costs are Factored


The cleaning company will need to factor in labor charges. The labor charges will depend on the number of cleaners that will do the cleaning. Therefore, the company will establish the hourly rate per cleaner and use it in getting the total cost. Labor costs are calculated by multiplying the estimated number of hours by the hourly rate. Consider a 3000 square foot house taking three hours to clean, at an average $15 hourly rate per cleaner. Then the cost per cleaner is $45 ($15 × 3).



In addition, the labor charges may go up if special cleaning services are required. If you need your oven, ceilings, or even high shelves cleaned, then you’ll be charged for the extra services offered. The condition of the house may also influence labor costs. If your house has been unoccupied for a while, it likely will be dirty and in worse condition. Consequently, you might be charged more as cleaning will take more time and effort.



3. Source of Supplies and Type of Cleaning


Basic routine cleaning like vacuuming or dusting will take a short time. However, if your house needs a deep and thorough cleaning, it will take longer to clean. Thus, the longer the duration it will take to clean your house, the more you are likely to pay. Also, in consideration is whether your house is an apartment or not. Cleaning an apartment may cost higher due to the movements up and down.



Yet, the source of supplies is another consideration in determining cleaning costs. If the cleaning company takes care of all the cleaning products and equipment, the cost may be higher. But if you are going to provide some of the cleaning supplies, then the cost will be lower.



4. Other Considerations


It isn’t simple to come up with a “one fits all pricing” for all houses. In the cleaning service industry, many factors go into arriving at a final cost of house cleaning. Some of the other considerations that influence the cost include:

  • Type of cleaning. If cleaning is recurring weekly, then it will be cheaper than one-time cleaning.
  • Type of work. Cleaning the interior will be costlier than cleaning the exterior.
  • The status of the neighborhood. Cleaning houses in low-end neighborhoods will be cheaper than in a high-end neighborhood.



As seen above, it is evident that so many factors determine house cleaning costs. The costs also vary from one cleaning service company to another. At Cleanzen, we have highly qualified professionals and are passionate to serve you with satisfaction. We offer superior cleaning services for all kinds of houses in Philadelphia area. Our maids have been taken through rigorous hiring, and their background checked. Contact us for an affordable quotation and reserve an appointment.


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