Tips For Cleaning Your Dryer and Keeping it in Top Shape

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Having a dryer in your home can make your laundry days more convenient to complete. Instead of hanging your garments and waiting hours for them to dry, you can toss them in a dryer to finish in half the time. Because this is so helpful, you must do all you can to keep your machine in top shape. By following the below tips, you can continue having dry, fresh laundry to enjoy.


Removing Lint and Cleaning a Dryer Vent


There are times your clothes and linen may tumble for a while and still emerge as wet as before. When this happens, you may have a lint buildup to address. By extracting the fluff from your screen and filter, air will flow easily through the screen so your dryer can run efficiently. This removal will also reduce the chances of fire since lint is highly combustible.



Every time you finish a load, you should pull out the lint screen and remove the fibers collected there. After that, you should also withdraw fluff that has gotten into the lint trap. This component is the open space the screen sits in while the dryer gets used. If the material is stuffed deep down inside that area, use a lint brush to pull out the lint or try a vacuum hose to get it clean again.



Cleaning Inside a Dryer




Even though you check your clothing before placing them in the dryer, you may still find unexpected messes when you open the dryer door. Something left in your pocket, like pens or gum, can create stains inside your dryer. If left unattended, these blemishes can transfer to your next load and ruin your sheets or towels.


Below are common stains that can occur and how to remove them.

  • Crayons

Start removing crayon marks by withdrawing the leftover pieces and scraping off the stuck-on fragments with a spatula or old charge card. From there, spray WD-40 on a clean cloth instead of squirting it into the dryer. Wipe any colored blots until they are gone. When you feel that the interior is free from crayons, unplug your dryer, and wash the interior with a mixture of dish soap and water.

  • Ink

To remove ink from your dryer, run it for 15 minutes to warm up the metal drum. After that, unplug the dryer and wipe the inside with a white rag dampened with rubbing or isopropyl alcohol. Keep rubbing this until you feel you have removed all of the ink. Afterward, wipe the area with a cloth moistened with water.

  • Lipstick

Clearing away lipstick is much easier if you warm up the dryer before beginning. Let it run for 10 minutes, unplug the dryer and dab the lipstick discolorations with a soft cloth wet with rubbing alcohol. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can plug in the dryer again. From there, complete a cycle containing an old towel, so any remaining stains get removed.

  • Candy or Gum

A spatula or old credit card will be helpful when you have stiffened candy and gum in your dryer. Just as you would with other stains, you can run your dryer to warm up the sticky substance and make it easier to scrape away. Lift away as much as you can and apply a paste of laundry detergent combined with water. Put the mixture on a cloth and rub any residual gum until it comes off. Dampen another cloth with water and wipe away the suds when you get done.



Tending to the Exterior of Your Dryer




As you handle your laundry each week, your dryer can gather dust on the exterior. Along with that, you may have spills and other accumulations that soil the appliance. You can improve the appearance by rubbing the top and sides with a household cleaner and clean fabric.



Routine Care for Your Dryer


Your laundering habits may keep any spills from occurring on the interior or exterior of your dryer. But, you should still dust and sanitize it regularly to deter unpleasant odors and eliminate the residue from dryer sheets and fabric softener. You can begin this care by unplugging the dryer and cleaning the inside and outside with soapy water.


If you clean your dryer with a household cleaner instead of soap, wait a while before using it again. Open the door and allow the fumes to dissipate before you dry another load of clothes.



Get Professional Assistance




Our Cleanzen team can cleanse every room of your home, including the often ignored laundry area. Washing your garments will not seem boring or tiresome when you have a spotless, pristine household to enjoy. We can wipe down the exterior of your dryer and also tackle the other surfaces in your washroom. This cleaning will improve the look of your space while also helping your appliance remain in excellent condition. Schedule a deep cleaning for your laundry room and the rest of your home today.



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