Tips To Disinfect Anything in Your Carpet

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Carpet has lovely properties that make it an ideal floor covering in many rooms of the home, but it also has some significant downsides. Homeowners often choose to install carpeting in bedrooms, living areas, and other spaces because of its soft texture, its noise-buffering properties, and its overall style. However, the plush fibers that make the carpet so appealing also make it difficult to keep clean.


In fact, carpet fibers can collect an increasing number of dust and dirt particles on a daily basis. This is joined by pet dander, crumbs, bacteria, and even pollutants that are carried inside the home from the outdoors. Routine vacuuming will pull some of these elements out of the carpet, but many others will remain. Over time, the carpet will become increasingly dirty despite regular vacuuming. Hiring a professional cleaner once or several times per year can help, but the cost of these services can make them undesirable. The good news is that you can sanitize your home’s carpeting and rugs yourself and without the need for a steam cleaner.



  • Cleaning Area Rugs


You can clean the rugs and carpets on a room-by-room basis as time allows. However, a more effective strategy is to target these areas comprehensively on the same day or over a weekend. By doing so, you can minimize the chance of filth from other areas of the home getting tracked onto flooring that you have recently cleaned.



When you are able to allocate a few hours of time to this cleaning project, the process begins when you remove as many of the decorative pieces and furnishings as you can from a room. Vacuum the area thoroughly to extract as much surface dirt as possible. If you have area rugs in place, vacuum the rugs. Toss smaller rugs that can safely be laundered into your washing machine. Larger rugs should be taken outdoors and dusted as thoroughly as possible. The interior carpeting should be sanitized before you replace the rugs.


If space permits, spread the area rugs over a clean garage floor or on the driveway. The types of materials and dyes used in area rugs vary dramatically, and these factors will influence the types of cleaning products that are safe to use. Always test a small area of a rug before applying a product over the entire surface. Keep in mind that products that may be safe for some of your rugs may not work well with your other area rugs.



  • Sanitizing the Carpet


With furnishings, décor, and area rugs removed from the carpet, you are ready to sanitize the floors. Take time to treat stains and spots individually before you tackle the full surface area. Use the spot treatment product that you typically use to remove pet stains, food spills, and more.



For many types of carpeting, diluted vinegar is an excellent sanitizer. The vinegar should be heavily diluted, however, so that it does not damage the carpet. Dip a firm scrub brush into the diluted vinegar mixture. Begin scrubbing the floor at one corner of the room, and work your way across the full length of the floor. Avoid oversaturating the carpet. When the carpet and padding are wet for an extended period of time, mildew becomes a concern.


To complete the cleaning process, use a slightly damp towel to rinse away the vinegar. This process also helps to remove additional particles that the brushing process has loosened. If you have a large space, consider using several different towels for this step. Before bringing your area rugs, furniture, and other items back into space, allow the carpet to dry thoroughly.


  • Keeping Your Carpet Cleaner


Scrubbing your carpeting by hand is a tedious, exhausting process, so you reasonably want to do your part to keep your carpet as clean as possible on a daily basis. You can reduce the number of pollutants and dirt that you track in by using doormats at every exterior door and by removing shoes before entering the home. Wash the mats and all smaller area rugs regularly. Keep the windows and doors closed as much as possible. Vacuuming the carpet more frequently can remove more of the particles before they have time to settle deep in the fibers. Likewise, sweep and mop the other floors frequently. In addition to these important steps, clean the ceiling fan blades and replace the air filters routinely.



It is often challenging for busy people to find the energy and time necessary to tackle all of their chores as frequently as they should. The result is that chores like dusting, vacuuming, and more get pushed back, and filth accumulates. At Cleanzen, we are thrilled to provide our customers with a hassle-free solution to a cleaner home. To inquire about our many services and to schedule your home’s first service with our hardworking Houston service-providers, contact Cleanzen today.


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