Be Enchanted by the Ways a Magic Eraser Benefits Your Home

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No matter how you feel about it, cleaning your home is something that must get done. Stained couches, messy countertops, and marked walls are a few of the messes you deal with each week. Depending on the liveliness of your household, there can be an overwhelming amount of dirt and grime to manage.


To ensure your cleaning routine does not occupy all of your time, you will need handy techniques that make housework easier. In many cases, a Magic Eraser can be the answer to make your chores quicker and simpler to complete.


The Advantages of Using Magic Erasers Around Your Home


Unlike other sponges, Magic Erasers only need water added to be effective in removing stains. You will not have to add any chemicals or soaps to help the process. These helpful blocks get made from melamine foam, a porous material that acts like fine sandpaper to eliminate spots and blemishes.


When deciding if you should use a Magic Eraser in your home, there are advantages to consider.





A Magic Eraser does well for multiple surfaces, making them terrific for use throughout your entire home. You do not have to limit yourself to cleaning certain areas; these are useful in the kitchen, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.



More Economical


With a regular sponge, you will need to add a cleaning solution to get your desired results. Instead of spending money on multiple pieces of cleaning equipment, you can use these on its own. You can repeat this once a month to prevent buildups in the future.



Less Stress


With many areas of your home, you will need to scrub and scour the furnishings to get them clean. Yet, a Magic Eraser allows you to avoid the traditional effort and stress that goes into sanitizing your home. They work well with a soft touch and minimal effort.


Now that you understand why you should use a Magic Eraser, here are ways to use their powers within your home.



Rejuvenate Hair Tools



Over time, your hair tools can get loaded down with a sludge-like buildup that can make them hard to use. Rather than abandoning your hair-styling efforts, you can run a dampened Magic Eraser along the sides and crevices until all the gunk is gone.



Refresh a Stainless Steel Sink


Your sink may have started full of shine and sparkle. But, it has become tremendously diminished after repeated use. To get it back to its former glory, you can use your Magic Eraser to remove tarnish and grime.



Remove Rust


Rust occurs when the iron in metals comes into contact with moist air, causing it to decay. You can see this happen in all sorts of places, like your appliances, sinks, cooking utensils. By using firm, consistent swipes with the Magic Eraser, you can remove the corrosion and restore your items.




Clean Up Keyboards



If you like to eat while working on your computer, you may get various greases on the keyboard. These can start to stick rather than bouncing back and make it difficult to use. But, the keys can get revived by lightly stroking them with a Magic Eraser. As you do this, remember to remain gentle so you will not remove the lettering.



Eliminate Scuff Marks on Walls


Your shoes, furniture, and many other objects can leave these unpleasant marks on your walls. You can get rid of these streaks along with fingerprints and coloring marks by buffing the areas with your Magic Eraser. Just be sure to test the sponge in an unnoticeable area first to ensure it will not lift the paint.



End Sticker Residue


There are numerous objects that you want to use without the price sticker or label. But, once you pull off the tag, you will feel a sticky residue left behind. Even when you try to wash it away, the adhesive finds a way to remain. Thankfully, you can rub your Magic Eraser across the area and get noticeably improved results.



Regain Fabrics




The most stubborn stains always seem to find their way to your favorite clothing. Even after you thoroughly wash your items with a strong detergent, you may still see unsightly discoloration. But, dabs from a Magic Eraser can do well with stains that seem impossible to overcome.



Brighten Grout and Caulk


Tile that appears dingy will make your rooms look dirtier than they really are. By using a Magic Eraser to brighten your caulk or grout, your space will feel cleaner and fresher than before.



Clear Away Carpet Stains


No matter how careful you are with the carpet in your home, there will be spills that find their way to it. Although you apply a carpet cleaner to remove these imperfections, you may have spots left over after your treatment. Often, these best results come from wiping a Magic Eraser along the darkened areas until you see an improvement.



Renew White Sneakers




You may love white sneakers but feel hesitant to buy them because they can quickly get stained. Not only will they constantly get scuffed, but they can proudly display any spills you encounter. Instead of tossing them in the back of your closet, you can use a moist Magic Eraser to renew their appearance.



With these tips and tricks to use with a Magic Eraser, you will be ready to succeed with any cleaning project you take on. Yet, even though this makes the work less complicated, you may still need extra assistance. To get all of your household chores completed, you can hire a professional cleaning company, like our Cleanzen team. Our flexible scheduling system and experienced staff allow us to be available when you need us. To gain an easier way to clean your home, schedule service with our team right away.


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