What Can A Cleaner Do in 2 Hours in Houston?

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Cleaning is an essential part of our lives. However, people do not prioritize cleaning but hire a cleaner to do the work. Two hours of cleaning may look like little time, but a lot can be done if utilized wisely. There are many cleaning activities that a cleaner can complete in two hours. However, several factors can influence how many of these activities a cleaner can do within two hours.


What factors determine how many activities a cleaner can complete in a two-hour cleaning period?



Size Of Your House and Number of Rooms


You cannot expect a cleaner to clean a five-bedroom house within two hours. Small dwellings have less area to cover therefore cleaning can be achieved in less time. It becomes easier to know how many tasks a cleaner can do in two hours after considering the above factors. Some tasks are not considered part of priority cleaning. You can do the non-priority tasks before the cleaner arrives. These tasks may include arranging your house to remove obstacles in the way, folding your laundry, and soaking the dishes.



The Cleaner’s Experience



If the cleaner has more experience, they are more likely to do the job efficiently and fast. Experienced cleaners are more conversant with common areas that harbor dirt and work more quickly. If a cleaner has gained experience, it also shows that they love what they do hence you can trust them to do an excellent job in two hours.


The Number Of Obstacles


Obstacles slow the cleaning process since cleaners will have to move things around. The fewer obstacles there are, the cleaner can accomplish more activities in two hours.


Are The Instructions Clear To The Assigned Cleaner?


Instructions are important to follow, especially where cleaning time is limited. The cleaner needs to understand the specifics of the tasks to be carried out to complete them.


How Dirty Is Your Home?



Suppose there is more dirt to combat the slower the cleaning process. More dirt will lead to the cleaning of selected rooms. If your house is too dirty, you may consider cleaning room by room.


A cleaner can do two types of cleaning in your house: regular and deep cleaning. The cleaner can make an excellent plan to achieve either cleaning in two hours. Regularly cleaning entails daily cleaning activities such as vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping the floor, cleaning baths, mirrors, toilets, and sinks. Kitchen activities include cleaning the dishes, sinks, countertops, and cabinets. If you feel that the two hours are not fully maximized with this type of cleaning, you can request other services such as laundry and organizing. Deep cleaning is thorough because it removes dirt from all deep corners of the house. If the time is limited, the cleaner can prioritize tasks according to rooms.



Cleaning tasks you can do in two hours





This activity may take up to 10 minutes and should be done thoroughly. The cleaners reach all the places horizontally and vertically.





The cleaner will mop floors in every room, starting with bedrooms and finishing in the kitchen and living room. Give details on your floor type to use the right products for your floor. This task should take around 20 minutes for a standard house.




Dusting is a simple task, and it should not take more than 20 minutes. The cleaner will dust all the places paying attention to under and behind furniture, light fixtures, windows, ceiling fans, headboards, and wall hangings. There are equipment’s when made available increases the efficiency of the cleaner.


Bathroom Cleaning


Bathroom cleaning involves scrubbing sinks, toilet bowls, and bath tubs. The cleaner will also disinfect them with the right products leaving your bathtub and toilet fresh and sparkling. This activity should approximately take 20 minutes.


Kitchen Cleaning


The kitchen is the most crucial part of the house that requires attention and thorough cleaning. Cleaning is done on the kitchen sink while using the right products. Kitchen cleaning involves cleaning appliances like the fridge and microwave. The cleaner should also move the appliances to ensure no hidden dirt accumulates.



Cabinets’ knobs and doors should also be cleaned, not forgetting countertops. You may check in to supervise to ensure the right product is being used and give cleaners their space. Kitchen cleaning may take up to 30 minutes. Organizing the pantry is another task that can be accomplished in the kitchen. The cleaner can arrange items such as putting all the baking items, ingredients, and breakfast things on different shelves.



Planning tips you can use in a two-hour cleaning


By knowing the size and number of the rooms and how long it will take to clean them, you can prioritize the important ones such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Make sure to give clear instructions to the cleaner. You may plan the cleaning as by the rooms or tasks. Cleaning by the rooms means that the cleaner does all the tasks in one room at a time. Planning to clean as per rooms involves doing the same task in all rooms then moving on to the next task.


You could also plan your cleaning by focusing on quality or quantity. Focusing on the quantity method implies that cleaning is done in the larger areas first, especially when you are expecting visitors. The focus on quantity may sacrifice the quality of work done. Focusing on quality means that all the corners and crannies will be reached. Focusing on quality may result in the accomplishment of only one task, but it is the most satisfying, especially where quality is required.


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