What Do Cleaning Ladies Clean?

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Cleaning ladies clean up messes. They are trained to clean up the messes from other people, for example, when someone spills food or drinks on the carpet. They clean quickly and efficiently with a limited amount of tools and materials. Generally, cleaning ladies do not have their own company but work for a cleaning company. They sweep, vacuum, and mop to make sure that your house is spick and span by the time you come home from work. These are some of the things that cleaning ladies do.

1. Sweep


Sweeping is a very important job for cleaning ladies. They sweep all over your house to clean up after somebody else. It includes all the floors, baseboards, cupboards, and windows. At the beginning of the cleaning process, a cleaning lady will often have to clean up dirt and dust on the floors and baseboards. She uses a broom and their hands to gather dust and dirt.



2. Vacuum



A cleaning lady uses a vacuum to clean up the rest of your floors and baseboards. The vacuum is especially useful for cleaning the crevices of curtains, floors, and baseboards. It is to get rid of any papers, crumbs and spills under the furniture. After vacuuming, there will be a fresh smell in the house. The vacuum will suck up everything on the floor. Later on, she will mop the floors with a mop and bucket to ensure that all the dirt and dust are gone.



3. Mop The Floors


A cleaning lady uses a lot of water to mop the floors. She will use a special cleaner to clean some of the dirt off your tile or wood floor, depending on what kind of floors you have. She will pour soap and disinfectant in a bucket of water and use a mop to wash the floor. Once she has finished mopping, she will dry it using a dry rag. It’s very important to dry the floor so nobody will slip on wet floors. Some people prefer to have their cleaning lady come every week and apply a high gloss finish on their tile floor to become shiny and pretty. It is because the high gloss finish helps to prevent dirt from being stuck in the tile.



4. Dusting



Cleaning ladies dust your furniture and special things, like your grandmother’s ornamental vase or painting. They will dust almost everything in the house except for some of your other family members’ personal things like their bags, jewelry, and artwork. They do not dust these things because they don’t want to touch them without your permission. Some people also don’t want their cleaning lady to touch their things because they think they will get dirty.



5. Cleaning Bathrooms


Some cleaning ladies clean the bathroom, but not all of them do. If you have a lot of showers in your house, then the cleaning lady will have to clean off the soap scum and make sure that your toilets don’t smell. On average, a cleaning lady will clean about three bathrooms in one house.



6. Washing Windows



Cleaning ladies will wash your windows if they are not filthy. They will use special window cleaners to clean up all of the dirt on the window. They may also spray glass cleaner on the windowpane so that they can wipe it off easily. Cleaning ladies use a special squeegee tool to wipe the outside of the windows clean. Most cleaning ladies will use this squeegee tool at the beginning of the process but will probably not use it during the clean-up process. The squeegee tool is a helpful cleaning tool because it allows them to clean your window without using a lot of paper towels or rags.



7. Cleaning Closets And Drawers


Cleaning ladies will clean the drawers in your closets, but they will not go inside the drawers unless you specifically tell them to. Cleaning ladies respect your privacy and will not go inside your drawers without you asking them to do so. They will clean it upon request and use a vacuum cleaner to clean it out. They will also not take any of your things.



8. Cleaning Appliances



Many cleaning ladies will clean your refrigerator or dishwasher. They clean the inside parts and the outside of these appliances. Nobody enjoys cleaning their refrigerator, so it is nice to have someone come and clean it for you. It is against the law for a cleaning lady to do this without your permission to keep your food from going bad.



9. Cleaning The Stove And The Oven


Cleaning ladies will clean the stove and the oven with a special oven cleaner that removes all the greasy mess. They use a grease remover to clean the inside and outside of the stove and the oven. They will also wipe all of your counters with a wet rag to get rid of all of the grease and dust so that you can cook properly again. If you want to do some baking or cooking in your house, it is best to have someone come and deep clean your stove or oven at least once every week.



10. Cleaning The Bathroom Sink And Counter



Cleaning ladies will clean the outside of your bathroom sink and the counter in the bathroom if you have one. They will use a special soap to clean these surfaces because if they just used water, there could leave bacteria on them. The scram cleaner is the first step to cleaning out your sink and counter. It contains antibacterial chemicals. Finally, the cleaning ladies will use a special spray cleaner to disinfect your sink and counter surfaces. The sink will be left shiny and clean.



In conclusion, the services that a cleaning lady offers are limitless. The cleaning lady’s services are especially helpful to people who do not have the time or the energy to do all of these things by themselves. We at Cleanzen have a full range of cleaning services to accommodate our customers’ needs. If you live in Chicago area, we offer a wide variety of services that you can use to maintain a clean and orderly home. The most valuable thing that we offer is our commitment to quality service at affordable prices.


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