What is a Clean Cut Pizza?

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While some pizzerias specialize in a specific type of pizza, such as deep-dish pizza with a classic cut, others offer a growing list of options. While many of these options relate to the type of crust, sauce, and ingredients that the pizzeria offers, you may also discover a few cutting options. The traditional pie-shaped cut is common, but you may also be able to choose between a square cut, no cut, or a clean cut. The last option may leave you perplexed. After all, cleanliness and food prep are integrally linked.


  • What Is a Clean-Cut Pizza?



Before you order your next pizza, you need to understand what a clean-cut pizza is and how it could affect you. At most pizzerias, the pizzas are prepared in an assembly line system. Some workers at the front of the line may be responsible for assembling boxes and taking orders. Others will toss the dough and add the ingredients. At the end of the assembly line, the cooked pizzas are placed in boxes before being cut. From knives and kitchen scissors to wheel cutters and rockers, a variety of utensils could be used to cut the pizzas in the desired formation. Because of the assembly line method, the same utensil could be used to cut dozens or even hundreds of pizzas in a row. While many types of pizza cuts describe the shape of the slices, a clean-cut pizza describes the utensil that will be used. To create the clean-cut, the food preparer uses a fresh utensil.



  • Why the Clean-Cut Method May Be Preferred


When a pizzeria offers a clean-cut pizza option, it is opening itself up to interruptions in the flow of kitchen operations. This is because the person assigned to cut the pizzas must take time to pull out a clean utensil for each pizza. In some cases, the person may even need to pause to clean the kitchen’s set of cutting tools. While a clean-cut method may impact efficiency in the kitchen, it may be preferred or even essential for some people. Consider that some people have severe allergies to some ingredients that are commonly used in pizzas. When the cutting utensil has some residue on it from the previous pizzas it was used with that night, some of this residue could be transferred to future pizzas. In addition to allergies, vegetarians and those who follow strict religious practices may also not want their pizza to have many elements from other pizzas on their order.



  • How to Choose the Right Cutting Method for Your Pizza



Some people will request the clean-cut method because they are opposed to having any type of pre-used utensil touching their food. Generally, the utensil is sanitary because it has only been used to cut other pizzas, but this may still be a strong preference. When you order your next pizza, the matter of slice shape is often a personal preference. However, if you are feeding children or want a snack for many people, the square-cut may be a better option. Keep in mind that you can request the clean-cut method for both square and pie-style slices. Another alternative is to order a no-cut pie and to cut the slices yourself at home.



  • Keep Your Home Utensils Clean


Whether you are making your own pizza or you are cutting a delivered pizza, you need to pull the right utensil out of the drawer. Running your utensils through the dishwasher is the easiest way to clean them. However, you also should ensure that they are stored in a clean drawer. Over time, kitchen draws can accumulate food particles and other elements, so they must be cleaned every few months. An easy way to clean your drawers is to empty them of their contents and to use a hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner.





What could be better than enjoying a warm pizza that has been perfectly created to your specifications? For many people, the answer involves enjoying their pizza in a clean home. A dirty home is a constant reminder of all of the chores on your to-do list. This creates an elevated sense of stress, and it can make it difficult to relax. Whether you want to enjoy your meals in peace or you want to relax in other ways, you can do so without guilt or anxiety when your home has been professionally cleaned by our Houston maids. To book a cleaning service for your home, call our team today.



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