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Magic Eraser is a go-to cleaning product for many people because of the sponge’s known ability to remove tough stains, build-up and other issues with minimal scrubbing and no extra cleaning products required.


These white sponge blocks have been on the market for more than two decades, and they have become increasingly popular over the last several years. Before using a Magic Eraser sponge in your home, however, you should be aware of what they are and how they work. You also need to know which surfaces they can safely be used on.


What Are Magic Eraser Made Of?


While a Magic Eraser Sponge appears to be a small Styrofoam block, this isn’t actually the case. Magic Erasers are made out of melamine foam. Melamine foam is a tightly compacted block of melamine-formaldehyde condensate. This is the only active ingredient in the Magic Eraser sponges, which means that the sponges do the cleaning without introducing harsh chemical agents in your home.


Notably, the sponges are made out of the same material used for soundproofing homes and for thermal insulation. Melamine, which is a nitrogen-based organic substance, is also found in dry erase boards, Formica products and even bullet trains.


The Science Behind Magic Erasers: How Magic Erasers Work Cleanzen Image of a Woman Cleaning White Shoes and Soles From Dust and Dirt with a Melamine Sponge


Melamine foam is microporous and has a soft feel to it. This softness is because of interconnected bubbles in reticulated foam. These bubbles actually have a very hard structure, making it an effective, abrasive cleaning product. The material is commonly used on everything from hubcaps and adhesive remnants to crayon smudges on walls, tough grease stains and more.


How Does Magic Erasers Work?


Melamine foam is highly abrasive, so it functions with physical cleaning action rather than with chemical cleaning agents. To use a Magic Eraser sponge, you must first get it wet. When the melamine foam gets wet, the tiny, interconnected bubbles immediately become hard like glass. However, they bend like foam or a sponge. The tiny, hard bubbles are akin to fine sandpaper. These bubbles catch on the grime on whatever surface you are cleaning and pull it away.


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As Magic Erasers do their work on your walls, counters, furniture or other surfaces, they will begin to breakdown. As this happens, a small amount of white melamine foam material can be left behind on the surface. The remnants of the sponge will have a white, grainy look, but rest assured that it is not permanent. You should be able to wipe it away with a clean, damp cloth.


Is It Safe to Use Magic Erasers?


Magic Eraser sponges work well on many surfaces. For example, they can be used to clean soap scum in a shower or a build-up of grime on a tile floor. While the sponges have a soft feel, they are abrasive and very strong. Because of this, melamine sponges can damage some surfaces.


For example, if your walls have flat paint, the Magic Eraser can easily strip away the paint. They can also strip off semi-gloss or gloss paint if you rub too hard. In addition to damaging paint, melamine foam sponges can remove polish. For example, if you try to rub a spot of off a polished, wooden table, the polish may get stripped off by the Magic Eraser sponge. In addition to these concerns, the sponges may also scratch some softer surfaces even if they are not painted or polished.


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Because of the potential to damage various surfaces, it is important to test a small, discreet area before using a Magic Eraser sponge in an obvious area. Keep in mind that the sponges work without adding chemicals. There is no need to spray bleach or other cleaning products on a surface before using the Magic Eraser sponge.


Magic Erasers are also not biodegradable, but they are a safer alternative to potentially toxic cleaning supplies.


How to Use Magic Eraser At Home


While Magic Erasers feel soft and pliable, their microscopic hardness and abrasiveness can be hard on your skin. There are no chemicals in Magic Eraser sponges, but the abrasiveness can exfoliate and even irritate your skin. Because of this, you should use cleaning gloves when using these melamine sponges.


One of the downsides of Magic Eraser sponges is that they break down into small, unusable fragments quickly. While they are effective cleaning products, they are not suitable for cleaning large messes unless you have a pile of sponges nearby. Generally, they are used to spot-clean stains and marks.


The Science Behind Magic Erasers How Magic Erasers Work Cleanzen Image of Red Gloved Hand Wets White Melamine Sponge Under Tap Water


After donning your cleaning gloves, fill a small bowl with clean, cool water. Dip the sponge in the water just long enough to moisten it. It does not need to be soaking wet to do its job. Then, test an out-of-the-way area to ensure that the paint or polish will not be stripped. Also, check for scratches caused by the foam sponges.


When you are satisfied that the Magic Eraser sponge will not damage your work surface, you are ready to clean. Avoid using excess pressure when cleaning with melamine sponges. Apply the least amount of pressure possible to start. If the stain is not removed, apply slightly more pressure incrementally.


Once the stain is removed, your work area will likely be covered in remnants of the Magic Eraser sponge. Wipe away these remnants with a clean, damp cloth. Then, dry the area with another cloth. The sponge will generally be too damaged after use to keep for a second use. Discard the sponge in your normal household trash after using it.


Check out this video and learn how to effortlessly remove dirt and grime from your walls with a magic eraser.



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