What Is Miami Culture Like?

Hundreds of years ago, most of what is known as Miami today was inhabited by the Native American Tequestas tribe. From there, the area was taken over by Spanish explorers, sold to the United States in 1819, and then flooded with refugees from Cuba and other Caribbean countries over the years.


As one of the key harbor cities in the US, Miami has been a very important location for travel, particularly international travel. Many of those who have visited its stunning beaches, massive skyscrapers, and colorful streets have decided to stay, enthralled by its beauty. Miami has become something of a cultural mixing pot that people from many nationalities call home. The city has its own unique culture that’s a blend of many different national cultures to create something really special.

Strong Latino Influences


For hundreds of years, Spanish speakers have been living in Miami and the surrounding areas. People from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and other Spanish speaking countries have come for the wonderful weather and bustling city of Miami. They definitely left their mark there, with colorful festivals celebrating many Latino holidays historical events.


Miami is famous for its Cuban sandwiches, tacos, and dozens of other dishes that come from Spanish speaking countries. Whether you like Mexican food or the more European style of Spanish culinary dishes, Miami has something for everyone. You can find street food vendors throughout Miami selling tacos made fresh on the spot, or you can go into the malls and food courts and find a huge variety of Mexican restaurants standing alongside major American fast food chains. Many people come to Miami for the food, and there’s no shortage of great eateries to try.


From downtown to West Miami is known as little Havana, where there is a strong Cuban influence. It’s a popular tourist spot, and it’s like a slice of the Caribbean inside one of the US’ largest cities.


African Heritage


Any of the major port cities in the United States will likely have a strong African influence, if you know where to look. For Miami, that’s Overtown, which is rich in black history and sometimes referred to as the Harlem of the South or the Black Wall Street of Miami. Overtown was visited by some of Americans most famous black leaders, including Martin Luther King Jr, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Muhammad Ali, among others. It’s still a great place to soak up culture and artistic influences with a strong African heritage.



There are also some excellent museums and heritage sites throughout Overtown that are worth a visit for anyone looking to explore the rich African history of Miami.


Asia in Miami


Greater Miami is home to descendants of many Asian and Pacific Islander immigrants. Many Japanese made their way to Miami in the mid-1800s, and a month-long celebration takes place in the Greater Miami area in May. There’s also an Asian cultural festival in Miami early in March. You can constantly find cultural festivals being celebrated throughout Miami, and it surprises many people to know that there’s such a strong Asian influence in an area of the country that’s mostly known for its Hispanic culture.



If you come to Miami for the food, why not take in some of the Asian fusion restaurants scattered throughout the city? With how many of these there are, you might think there would be a greater presence of Asians in the city, but that’s not really the case. Asians and Pacific Islanders are definitely a minority in Miami, but their presence is strongly felt through festivals, restaurants, and cultural sites (including permanent museum displays).


Miami offers a rich smorgasbord of different cultures. While the Hispanic culture is definitely the strongest there, Miami is large enough and diverse enough that it doesn’t overpower everything else. There’s room for everybody in Miami, and you won’t find much culture clashing or discrimination there. Miami residents are used to it being a little hub of the world, where people from countries as far away from Miami as possible will pass through and spend a little time.


What is Miami culture like? You could easily say it’s mostly Hispanic, but that would be overlooking the many different cultures that have made an impact there and that have their own little sections of Miami picked out to make their mark on. If you’re going to visit Miami, you might enjoy checking out some of the different cultural sites and varied eateries available to make the most of your time there. You’ll be able to spend more time relaxing and taking in all the city has to offer if you’re not worried about keeping a clean home while you’re there. Leave that to the professional cleaning experts at Cleanzen. We offer an extensive range of cleaning services, so count on us for all your tidying needs.


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