What Makes Houston Such a Great City?

Downtown city skyline in Houston Texas

Are you planning to move to Houston? Houston is an amazing place to create a living and raise a family because of its expanding employment market, affordable cost of living, and year-round sunshine. Houston has established itself as a metropolis that caters to families and singles. Houston is also one of the country’s most culturally and linguistically diverse cities, making it a great place to visit if you want to learn about different cultures. Let’s go over all of Houston’s fantastic experiences and amenities.


Living in Houston is More Affordable Compared to other cities


Houston is one of the cheapest cities in the United States. According to a recent study, it has a lower cost of living than Austin or Dallas. There’s a neighborhood for everyone in Houston, whether you enjoy art and culture or prefer a quiet retreat from the city. It’s no surprise that Houston is one of Texas’ top locations to live.



The good news is that Houston’s cost of living is lower than the national average, according to the Cost of Living Index. Even though the epidemic has impacted most economies, the coronavirus pandemic is causing rents to fluctuate across the country. The good news for renters is that year-over-year rent growth in Houston was 10.5 percent more than the national average. Houston is a car-centric city. You can still get around by taking rideshare, walking, or taking public transportation. The less you rely on your car, the less money you’ll have to spend.



 Booming Job Market in Houston



Houston’s job market is still expanding, and it’s doing so at a breakneck speed. The energy sector heavily influences Houston’s job economy. Houston’s economy gets boosted from the Medical Center and the Port of Houston. Healthcare professionals will find enough to do in Houston, as the Texas Medical Center is the city’s single largest employer. Houston has no zoning laws, so developers can build almost anything, anywhere in the city. Refineries and distribution centers are located in the Port of Houston, while other significant corporations are located downtown and in submarkets. Houston businesses, on the whole, stay on the same site for a long time.



Enjoyable outdoor Activities in Houston


In Houston, there are numerous outdoor activities to enjoy. According to observers, the city has had a “green space renaissance” in recent years. Houstonians know how to enjoy the fun and adventures available, whether it’s miles of hiking and biking trails or enormous municipal parks. The places you can visit in Houston are:


Kayak along Buffalo Bayou



Houston was founded on this 52-mile (83.6-kilometer) slow-moving waterway in 1836, and it’s one of the most significant ways to see it is by boat. You’ll get to see the Houston skyline as well as the beautiful surrounding flora and animals as you wind your way around the winding river.


Picnic in the Park



Whether you’re looking for an urban downtown park-like Discovery Green or a 2,000-acre nature reserve like the Armand Bayou Nature Centre, Houston has 52,912 acres of park space and many parks to select.



Enjoy Housing Varieties at Houston



Thanks to the many neighborhoods, there is a home or an apartment for everyone in Houston. Finding a suitable community for you: close to work and fantastic for your lifestyle is one of the bits of advice for someone relocating to Houston. Purchase a million-dollar home in the prestigious West University district, or settle in an inexpensive home or apartment in the Rice Military community or the walkable Woodlands neighborhood. Embrace fashionable areas, family-friendly neighborhoods, outdoor neighborhoods, or whatever type of neighborhood gets you to feel at ease.



Students have Access to Top Universities in Houston


There are many school districts to investigate depending on where you live in the Houston metro area. The Houston Independent School District is one of the largest in the country. HISD is Texas’ largest school district, with 283 schools. Indeed, HISD has received numerous awards, including recognition from the US News Best High School report for its ambitious AP program development.



While your primary education will confine to schools in the Houston region, secondary education is abundant due to the state’s numerous top-rated universities. College-aged residents of Houston will be able to attend any college in Texas and be eligible for a significantly reduced in-state tuition rate.



Houston Foods are Great



From morning tacos to Viet-Cajun crawfish, Houston’s most excellent restaurants reflect the city’s variety and clashing cultures. Houston has those more traditional cuisines as well—this is Texas, after all.  Houston’s tremendous diversity provides plenty of variation in the culinary industry, but the city’s unique blend of cultures also adds to the mix. It’s a compelling and seamless combination of cultures informed by who’s cooking and where they’re from, with a dash of Texas thrown in for good measure. Exploring the food here is eerily similar to watching the development of new local foods, something we usually associate with long-standing traditional meals.



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