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Tell us more about the location you need cleaned and select your dates and times.



Cleanzen connects you with top-rated professionals to clean your home.


A certified worker cleans your place from top to bottom, while you sit back and enjoy.


There is no risk to try. If your service isn’t right, let us know within 24 hours and we’ll come back and re-clean free of charge to your complete satisfaction. If you’re still unsatisfied you’ll get 100% of your money back. We will give you $50 cash on top.

Reasons to love Cleanzen

Reliable, Vetted Cleaners

Our service professionals are thoroughly vetted using our 5-point approval system, for outstanding peace of mind

Customer Recommended Service

Cleanzen service providers are thoroughly reviewed by our staff and our clients. Only the top-rated cleaners stay on our platform.

Trust & Safety Promise

We treat your place like our own, committed to providing a reliable and safe cleaning services experience for your home sanctuary.

More about Cleanzen Cleaning Services

Cleanzen got its start when our founders met with a familiar struggle: trying to find reliable, high-quality maid services for our beyond-busy families and executives. The more frustrated we became with the unprofessional, subpar services on the market, the more we realized that, if we wanted better service, we would need to create it ourselves.


And so, Cleanzen was born.


We worked together to create a platform for only the best maid service professionals, committed to providing reliable, trustworthy, superior-quality care for our most sacred spaces. Of course, a service so good just had to be shared with the world. Now, we bring these incredible professionals to you, so you can focus your time and attention on the things that matter the most.


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Custom home cleaning with a click

Worried that your cleaning professional will miss a spot? Want to customize your cleaning experience? Use our Cleanzen app to track your provider's progress, or chat directly for special requests.

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Thank you! Oh and when your done could you wash and dry the bed sheets in our guest room? We have guest staying over this weekend.

Cleanzen model avatar Of course, I'd be happy to do that for you!

Hey Cleanzen, could you vacuum the couch? We made a mess watching the game the other night.

Cleanzen model avatar Sure thing, no problem!

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green cleaning products

Looking for a safe, effective clean that’s kind to the planet? Ask us about our eco-friendly cleaning services options!

Looking to optimize your office space?

House Cleaner

Treat your home to the best Chicago house cleaning services

You work hard to keep your home in good condition, so why not go all-out? Treat yourself, and your safe space, to a platinum-grade cleaning service from Cleanzen professionals.


You can always count on our dependable pros to treat your home as if it were their own: with the utmost respect and care. With hundreds of top-tier ratings on Google, Yelp, and other trusted sources, we take pride in our stellar reputation—and fuel it by working with only the best sanitation professionals in Chicago. Our 5-point approval system helps us thoroughly vet each worker for reliability, professionalism, work history, legal background, and customer service—so we can send them to your space with confidence. Furthermore, we consistently evaluate client reviews to ensure each worker maintains a high rating throughout their time with us.

Get customized maid service for every space

Whether you’re looking for deep cleaning services for your kitchen, extra dusting in your bedroom, or window cleaning in your office, Cleanzen offers completely customizable cleaning packages tailored to your exact needs. We also offer green cleaning services for our more eco-conscious clients.


Not seeing what you need on our list? Not a problem! Simply chat with our support team directly through the cleanzen.com/chicago app and we’ll make sure your home is spotless in all the right places. You can even customize your cleaning services on each individual visit, based on your needs at that particular time, so you never have to worry about getting a chicago maid service you don’t need—or going without that extra step that would make your home shine.

Cleaning Lady

Schedule cleaning service according to your schedule

Tired of having to schedule your house cleaning services on a restrictive schedule? Do you want to be present when service providers come to your home in Chicago Illinois? With Cleanzen, you can set up as-needed, weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly maid cleaning services whenever you need it—with customizable time slots and date options for every busy homeowner’s calendar.

Become a Cleanzen Cleaner Today!

Build your own schedule; choose when you want to work and how often. Then, let the Cleanzen team help pair you with well-paying jobs in your area—up to $22 per hour. Our top professionals make up to $1,000 per week!


Proud to provide Chicago House Cleaning Services

Chicago Cleaning Service

Make room for life
with Cleanzen


Some people might argue that professional cleaning isn’t worth it. They might say, “Why bother hiring someone when you can just clean things yourself?”


We’ve been in the business so long in Chicago, we already know there’s an entire laundry list of reasons why professional maid cleaning services is worth the investment. But, since you might be new here, we’ll list out some of the main points:


Optimize your time


In today’s world, most of us have schedules packed to the brim. With that in mind, we don’t know a whole lot of people who want to spend time cleaning after a long shift at work or a full day with the kids. It’s a lot to ask of anybody, yet responsible adults do it every day.


The thing is, they don’t have to. Many of our clients are shocked at the amount of time they save just having someone come give their home a deep clean once per month. It frees up several hours for busy parents to get some shut-eye and stressed-to-the-max executives to spend some time with the people they love.


With Cleanzen services in your back pocket, you can take back some moments for yourself. Less time spent on cleaning means more time spent on the things that matter most to you—and don’t we all want that?


Plus, Cleanzen maids offer ultra-flexible scheduling options, so you can get cleaning done when you need it, without a long waiting list. You can even set up preferred time slots in each individual date, so that each day of service fits your calendar to a T.


Get a cleaner home


You may think your place is “clean enough”, but to a Cleanzen professional, that may not be the case. Our specialists have the expertise and attention-to-detail that your space needs, working through the nooks and crannies that you have no time or energy to address, until your home is sparkling like new.


Not only that, our top-of-the-line professional equipment and supplies ensure a deeper, more reliable clean for even the most challenging spaces. Our trained and vetted professionals know which supplies to use on which surfaces, taking into account your needs for eco-friendly, pet-safe, and child-safe products. Just don’t forget to set up your preferences with your Cleanzen provider!


Save your breath


The average house has dirt, dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and other contaminants that will build up over time. This kind of debris can aggravate allergy symptoms, breathing issues (such as asthma), since they get kicked up into the air as you move around. Older homes are especially prone to this type of buildup, and DIY cleaning methods are often insufficient to fully eradicate these kinds of substances.


Thankfully, Cleanzen maid service are fully trained and armed with only the best home sanitation supplies, giving your home a leg-up on the fight against airborne contaminants. Our zen-tastic maid services will help remove a large portion of these particles, helping you keep the indoor air quality fresh and healthy.


Save your money


Over time, a bonded and insured professional cleaning company can save you a fortune: helping you optimize your time for a healthier budget, save on health-related insurance costs, and prevent expensive damages to your home, office, and belongings caused by hiring amateur cleaning personnel.


Plus, with a satisfaction guarantee, like the one offered by Cleanzen, you can feel confident that you’ll get outstanding maid service every time. Even if something happens to be below your expectations, you’ll get corrective cleaning for free, saving you the cost of hiring an additional cleaning services chicago to put things back the way you want them.


Regular, high-quality cleaning also helps preserve the longevity of your furniture, decor, carpets, and other housewares, saving a good chunk of your budget over the long-term. Without regular, thorough cleaning, these items often begin to deteriorate due to exposure to dust, dirt, and other indoor pollutants. With Cleanzen services on your size, you can feel confident that your belongings are getting the best care possible, without you having to lift a finger—except to pick up the phone, of course!


Save your sanity


Whether you’re getting ready to host a party, having the in-laws over for dinner, or just looking forward to coming home to a clean house, Cleanzen has your back. Focus your attention on cooking up your favorite meal, bringing out the family photo album, or bingeing your favorite TV show; with all the cleaning taken care of, you can check one less stress off your list.


Others also find that hiring a house cleaning services helps them feel better physically, since they are putting less stress on their muscles and joints. For those struggling with arthritis, injury, or some other similar physical concern, professional cleaning is practically a necessity.


But what about for the rest of us?


You have to do it anyway; why not do it better?


Most professionals assert that keeping a clean home is an essential part of a healthy, low-stress lifestyle. It prevents the spread of disease, reduces allergy symptoms, and lowers the production of stress hormones in the human brain.


So, sure: we can probably all agree cleaning is necessary. But how we do it—that’s something that’s still in dispute. Personally, we’d prefer not to spend hours of our valuable time maintaining a clean home when we can use that time for other things that bring us more joy.


At Cleanzen, we like to consider ourselves bringers of joy. We come in with smiles on our faces and mops and brooms in-hand.


When we leave, our clients wear those smiles too.


That’s why we do what we do: to make life better, fuller, and richer for every one of our clients—to make room for the things that matter much more than dirt.


We’re looking forward to doing the same for you.