If you have tried to customize cleaning with other services, you may have easily grown frustrated by their lack of flexibility. At Cleanzen, our maids know how important it is for your home to be perfectly cleaned on your terms.


Each home has unique cleaning needs based on the furnishings, built-in materials and more. Each of our clients may also have unique instructions for our team, and these instructions may change with each visit. We proudly provide custom cleaning services to give you the home environment that you want.


Tailored Cleaning Services


Our trustworthy cleaners have the know-how, the drive and the equipment required to clean every inch of your home. If your home, apartment or condo needs top-to-bottom cleaning, we are happy to get the work done. Many of our customers only need help cleaning a few rooms in the home at a time. For example, scrubbing the bathroom can be a major undertaking that leaves you feeling sore and fatigued. Our maids can tailor their efforts to clean specific rooms or even specific items, such as the refrigerator. We truly want to clean your home on your terms.


Flexible Cleaning Schedules


At Cleanzen, we provide both specialized, one-time services and recurring services. Our one-time services are ideal when you are moving into or out of a home, when you are preparing to host a big event at your house or when you have other unique needs. Our recurring services can be scheduled on your terms, such as weekly, monthly or somewhere in between those intervals.


With no contract locking you into specific cleaning services completed on a defined schedule, we can clean your home to your satisfaction and when you need our help. Simply tell us when you need our maids to arrive and what projects you need help with, and we will get the work done flawlessly.

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Special Instructions


In some of our clients’ homes, there is a critical need for more significant customization. For example, some of our clients have health issues or concerns. They need specific areas cleaned up to their standards, and they may also need our maids to use special cleaning products. Our maids understand the critical need to customize their efforts, and they will actively and wholeheartedly follow your detailed instructions.


Affordable Rates


If you are like many of our clients, you do not have an unlimited budget available for cleaning services. However, you have a solid need for our services. We proudly maintain truly competitive rates for all of our services. You will never be tied down by a contract or pay for services that you do not need.


By putting total control of the cleaning services completed and the scheduling of those services, we give you control over your budget. There will be times when you have more time available to clean your home than money available to pay for services, and there will be times when the opposite is true. Rest assured that we will adjust our services with each visit as desired.


Schedule Custom Cleaning Service for Your Home Today


Are you wondering what it takes to get quality custom cleaning that are completely customized to fit your needs? At Cleanzen, we want you to feel happy about all aspects of your experience with us, and this begins when you set up your first appointment with us. When you schedule your first service with the Cleanzen maids today, you can experience our total focus on customer satisfaction and our easy service scheduling process. Contact us today to book your Cleanzen service.

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