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How to get started -- just go to our website and tell us your relevant information and how big your office, apartment, or house is. With our seamless booking process, Cleanzen will then connect you with top rated office cleaning or home cleaning services to help with your busy schedule.


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At Cleanzen, you’ll only find the best and most trusted home cleaning service. All professional maid service providers are thoroughly vetted by us. Honest and trusted members who we'd be happy to have clean our home.


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Cleanzen cleaners are continuously reviewed after each cleaning by our customers. All cleaners have to maintain high ratings to remain on our platform.


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Your home is your sanctuary. We are committed to providing a trusted, reliable and safe cleaning experience. We only use a home cleaning service that we would trust in our own homes.

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At Cleanzen, we are proud to serve our clients and to deliver truly extraordinary results with every deep clean. Our team of hardworking home cleaning professionals always do their best work and focus on quality throughout every room in your home. We know how important it is for our clients to have a clean home environment, and we make it easier for you to enjoy the results that you need with our home cleaning services in Denver.

A clean home is a happy home. Unfortunately for many residents, it takes extensive time and energy to get the clean home that they need and want. At Cleanzen, we provide you with a better solution for getting a spotless home. From your first booking experience through Cleanzen and for years to come, you can expect each house cleaning service with our top-rated cleaners to be exceptional. We are the full service home cleaning company that you want to reach out to for all of your cleaning needs. Your Cleanzen experience begins when you take advantage of our simplified booking process. You can choose the services that you desire at this time as well as your preferred service date and time. Our system is seamless, which means that you can count on a friendly, qualified team to arrive on time and to work diligently until we produce results that meet your expectations for your deep cleaning services in Denver Co.


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Ask about our eco friendly cleaning supplies. Together we can make this planet a better place. The cleaning supplies that are used are only the best quality, and will not damage anything. 

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How to Find the Best House Cleaning Services Denver

As many may know, when it comes to either our home or our business, the opportunity for clutter and dustiness is equally present.  For an example, if you like having your windows open at home, allow both sunshine and fresh air in. Keep in mind that riding on that fresh air is also dust, dirt, and allergens.  Another example would be that of wintertime when the ice that freezes, then thaws into a myriad of mush then carried into the entryways of your home, along with the dirt contained within it.


To your luck, Denver is home to a variety of cleaning services.  You may choose from a mom-and-pop cleaning service or a corporate company that has set guidelines on a national level that they follow.  We understand it can be somewhat overwhelming with the number of available choices, and since you will want to feel as if you are getting what you are paying for, you must do your due diligence before making such an important choice.

Assess Your Home Needs

Now, the foremost question is, how do you make such an important decision?  Is a one-time cleaning service the right choice, or is a long-term relationship the right choice?  The answer to your choice will depend mainly on just how much cleaning you want to be done, and for how long.  If you need a good in-depth spring cleaning or some cleaning done in a dusty attic, then you would better suffice with a company that does offer a one-time cleaning.  These types of companies will arrive early, clean what needs to be done, and then leave any further maintenance up to you.  This option is the best choice if you have let your dirt and clutter get a little out of hand and need someone to help get it back under control.


On the other hand, a long-term scheduled service may offer more for your needs.  If you are looking to have an office, business, or larger home cleaned that you find difficult to maintain on your own, then a professional cleaning service may be the better choice.  As for the frequency of the cleaning, that is something you can decide on after discussing your needs with the service.  Many small businesses have their cleanings done on the weekends not to disrupt clients or employees, while on the other hand, medium-sized homes usually prefer a once-a-month servicing.  The frequency, again, is something that can be discussed between you and the cleaning company.

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Budget Is Important

It is essential to remember that cleaning services in Denver will vary widely as to the prices that they charge.  However, at the same time, it is important that you understand the more substantial your budget, the more you will get for your money.  You still need to put in your due diligence and shop around for the best prices, but in the end, you will be paying for the cleaning services you will need to be performed.


This due diligence is where the idea of sitting down and creating a budget will be crucial.  Whether you are looking to hire a cleaning service for your office or for your own home, the individual responsible for paying the bill will need to know what is entailed financially.  Make sure that you understand what you are paying for, all the charges upfront, and that you have read all the fine print on the contract before signing.

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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Trusted and Professional Maid Service


If you were to ask most individuals, the task of cleaning is most often at the bottom of their list of priorities.  However, when you hire a professional maid service, you will not have to try to fit cleaning into your schedule.  You will find that your to-do list will be lightened, and your focus and productivity increased.

Let’s take a more in-depth peak at the seven reasons to considering a professional maid service.


A Load Off Your Shoulders

It is no secret that most in today’s work a day world, that most of us have a demanding day to day life—kids to get to school, a job to get to, and a house waiting for you to clean when you get home.  To this end, daily life takes an exhausting amount of time and effort that, let’s face it, you may have very little of at the end of the day.  For this reason, cleaning, more often than not, falls to the bottom of our priority list.  By choosing to hire a professional cleaning service, you will have the time to put your productivity elsewhere and tackle some of your larger goals.


High Standards

More often than not, a cleaning company is staffed with professionals who are more likely to set their standards for “clean” higher than you do.  While most of us will take care of the surface cleaning, a professional company will dig in and get the deep-down work done.  This is because a cleaning company will train its staff to offer up the best cleaning services possible.  They pay attention to the importance of the details.  Professional denver house cleaners know where to look—and as such, there will be areas of your home that prove to be cleaned more sufficiently than if you did it on your own.  As professionals, a cleaning service will train their staff to reach those areas that aren’t usually thought of or are difficult to reach.


Quality Of Supplies

When considering the process of cleaning, one of the most crucial areas is using the proper cleaning supplies.  It is pretty much a given that no matter what supplies you use or how hard you scrub, a professional clean has access to supplies of a higher quality to get the job done.  As a rule, professional cleaners have better and stronger cleaning supplies that are generally available to the public. These cleaners are better able to handle such areas as:


  • Carpets
  • Corners
  • Crannies
  • Nook
  • Other such hard-to-reach spaces


When you hire and trust a maid cleaning service to clean your house or office, you can rest assured that the cleaners will clear any dust or dirt present in your home.  Professionals have the training, and the means, to restore those areas such as your tiles, granite, and restore the shine to other such surfaces.  Cleaning professionals have a few tricks up their sleeves, and they can even offer up some tips that will aid in maintaining your home between the deep cleanings.


Service Cost Only

When hiring a professional maid cleaning service, you are only contracting for the work to be one.  You do not have the worry involved when it comes to the salaries or benefits that the cleaning staff is receiving.  You, yourself, do not have to put the time into vetting the team, and when hiring with a service, you can rest assured that the individuals sent to your home will be not only qualified and trained but insured for the work they are performing.  Knowing that your only involvement is in the paying of the services will not only relieve you of unnecessary stress but will allow you the time needed to focus on more pressing needs.


No More Allergens

It is estimated that each year as many as 50 million Americans have to deal with the issue of allergies.  Allergies, as it turns out, are the sixth leading chronic illness in the United States.  They can be triggers by a variety of factors, including:


  • Cockroaches
  • Dander
  • Dust Mites
  • Pollen


The triggering of allergies can present with itchy eyes, coughing, scratchy throat, and sneezing.  The presence of dust throughout your home over time can agitate and cause health issues related to allergies to become worse over time.  There is also the fact that when we walk across the floor, we are continually kicking allergen-containing dust into the air around us that we breathe.  However, when hiring a professional maid cleaning service, these allergy-causing dust mites are taken care of.  Along with avoiding any form of health concerns, you can maintain a clean home environment.


Extended Home Lifespan

When working to maintain the furniture and various surfaces in your home, you are also working towards lengthening your home’s overall lifespan.  We are all aware that our homes are a significant investment and as such, we want them to last as long as possible.  To protect your expensive investment, the areas that need attention include:


  • Carpets
  • Fittings
  • Fixtures
  • Wood Flooring


When a home is adequately maintained, its overall life span can be lengthened.  With the use of a professional maid service, you will not have to worry about such problems as dust, mildew, or even mold causing damage to your dwelling.



Having to pay for and stock up on many different cleaning products can prove to get very expensive very fast.  However, by hiring a professional maid service, you will save money on cleaning supplies, since most services provide their own cleaning products.   By outsourcing your denver cleaning services, you will end up saving money in the long run.


Everything You Need to Know About Home Cleaning Services


If you find that keeping your home clean and tidy can sometimes cause you more stress than not, it may be time to consider searching out and hiring a professional maid service.  While the process is one that can be daunting, you must do your homework.  The reason being that finding someone trustworthy that you will be allowing to have free run of your home can be difficult. The key to making sure to do your research involves obtaining as many referrals as possible.  Several other areas need to be considered as well, which we will now look at.


Independent or Companies

Many maid services company are owned and operated as sole proprietorships.  However, some individuals are more comfortable with a larger cleaning company that takes it upon themselves to hire their own staff members.  Each type of service has its pros and cons.  When considering a larger cleaning company, you will not be responsible for vetting or hiring any employees. The vetting of the staff will be the responsibility of the house cleaning service. However, if you prefer the same individual to clean your house each week or month, you would be better served to consider a sole independent proprietor.  In most cases, the turnover in staff employees will tend to be much higher with a cleaning company, and as such, you may find that a different person is cleaning for you each time.


Set A Fee Upfront

When looking to hire, make sure that it is understood upfront if the fee will be on an hourly wage or one of a flat-rate fees.  Although some choose to go with a set fee, there is the likelihood that the housekeeper will rush through the cleaning process in the attempt to move on to the next client.  If paying by the hour, there is also the issue that the housekeeper will stretch out their duties again in an attempt to take more time and clock more of an income.  Be upfront, and make sure to discuss each option and what that option entails when looking to hire.


What You Need to Be Done

There are those housekeeping needs that are pretty much standard for most clients—scrubbing the toilets and showers, sweeping, and mopping.  With this in mind, you may have to discuss additional needs that may need to be done regularly, such as laundry and dishes.  There is also the option of discussing needs that are required to be done once or twice a year, such as cleaning the fridge, the oven, or even the windows.  Keep in mind that there are those insurance companies for housekeepers that limit specific duties—such as the exterior of the home’s windows.


Try A Trial Period

So, you have found a housekeeping candidate, you have interviewed them, and are ready to pull the switch and hire them.  In the beginning, it may be a good idea to engage in a two-four-week trial period to see how things work out.  This trial period will allow you both time to adjust—for the service to learn your expectations and you to see if they are going to be able to meet to your needs.  If you choose the trial period to be of a lesser time, you may not get a good indication or assessment of what the cleaner is actually capable of doing.  If after several visits and clearly communicating your needs, there is a good chance that the arrangement is not going to work for either party.


Expectations and Boundaries Need To Be Clear


You need to make it clear to the cleaning service or housekeeper just what you may or may not need done in your home from the jump.  This is where sitting down with the housekeeper and fashioning a list of needs that you are looking to have taken care of daily, weekly, or even monthly.  It is at this time that any special instructions be discussed and understood between both parties.  At this time, it is imperative that if there are any boundaries in the arrangement, they are both expressed and understood at this time.  These may include limits on breaks or the fact you do not want the individual to make personal use of your television, computer, or home phone.  Ensure that the housekeeper is clear on these boundaries and is willing to agree to them before the contract starts.  If you wait until after the contract has begun, that is when it can get quite messy for both parties involved.

Top 10 attractions in Denver


Denver, commonly known as the Mile High City, was given this name because it lies one mile high, which is a total above sea level of 5,280 feet.  It remains one of the hottest places to live and play in to visit, if not live, offering a somewhat temperate climate, even today.  There are several places to both visit and enjoy, such as the ten attractions listed below.


Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

Conveniently located several miles from the center of the city, this attraction is well worth the drive time and to date is one of the most visited attractions near Denver.  Red Rocks has the feature of being not only a city park but a venue offering up live music as well.  The name of the area originates with the red sandstone formations that can are found along the trails that serve to create the surroundings of the amphitheater.  Music buffs flock to the site for weekly music talent when in season, as the area is favored for its famous acoustics.

The address is 18300 West Alameda Parkway, Morrison, Colorado.



Denver Museum of Nature & Science

One of Denver’s top cultural attractions, the Museum of Nature and Science, is located in the City Park’s southeast corner.  Of the exhibits presented, the most memorable are those of the Ice Age dinosaur remains and the largest gold nuggets to ever be found in the state.  The Museum changes and rotates its exhibits often, so viewers are assured that there is something on display that will catch the fancy of visitors.  The Museum also offers a Planetarium as well as a theater on site.  When you have finished at the Museum, why not head over to City Park which in the summers offers a jazz concert series.

The address is 2001 Colorado Boulevard, Denver, Colorado.



Denver Center for the Performing Arts

The Center for the Performing Arts is a gigantic cultural center located on the southside of Larimar Square.  The center hosts a multitude of venues, which include a concert hall, a theater, and an opera house.  If you find yourself in the mood for a form of entertainment during the evening or nighttime, you will usually find something that will pique your interest.  Taking advantage of the night life at the center could entail various things, from catching a show or multiple performances, as the center plays host to multiple events.  During the day, the center acts as a facility for education, offering classes and opportunities for professional development.

The address is Speer Boulevard and Arapahoe Street, Denver, Colorado.



Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens is considered to be one several of the largest botanical gardens in the US.  The 23 acres that the gardens occupy are located next to Chessman Park and were initially laid out as such in the late 1950s.  The garden puts an emphasis on natively grown plants as well as practices of sustainable, environmental responsibility.  Although the focus is locally grown plants, the garden also displays various plants obtained from the world over.  At present, there are a total of 43 gardens, each laid out as individual gardens or that of natural landscapes.  Some of the gardens include the Japanese Garden, Maries Pavilion (featuring various exotic plants as well as peaceful waterfalls), and the Memorial Conservatory (featuring species of a tropical or subtropical origin.)

The address is 1007 York Street, Denver, Colorado.



Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art

Every design period of decorative arts spanning from 1880 up to 1980 is represented in this sizable collection, from pop art to arts and crafts.  There is also offering a retrospect of Coloradoan Vance Kirkland, with all three collections conveniently located in an early 1900s building, which also happens to be Denver’s oldest existing commercial art building.

The address is 1311 Pearl Street, Denver, Colorado.



Denver Art Museum

Denver’s Art Museum presents with a massive, fortress-like appearance and houses several vast art collections, including American Indian, Africa, European, Asian, and Oceanic collections.  There are even collections from Colonial Spain and pre-Columbian cultures.  Several of the galleries, which were recently remodeled, offer a wide range of both US and Canadian tribes and cultures.  Throughout the US, the collection has garnered a widespread reputation for the inclusion of pieces that date back several thousand years in history.  There are also modern as well as contemporary art collections that feature various media by both widely-known and upcoming talent.  The appearance of the museum building has long captured the attention of visitors due its design that was uniquely created from the peaks of the ever famous Rocky Mountains.

The address is 100 W 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, Colorado.



Coors Field

The Coors Field is the current home field of the state’s baseball team—the Colorado Rockies.  Having opened its doors to fans in 1995, the stadium has the capacity of accommodating 50,200 people.  Some seats offer not only a great vantage point for the games, but also a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains.  Through the offering of tours that are available year-round, fans can learn more about the stadium, the ball team and get a glimpse at some of the action that goes on pertaining to the running of the ball team. It is suggested that you purchase tickets for the stadium tours, as only a select number of individuals are permitted each day.  The tour itself takes a little under 1 ½ hours to complete and is handicap accessible.

The address is 20th and Blake Streets, Denver, Colorado.



Denver Zoo

It is agreed that the Denver Zoo layout is spectacular, with enclosures that allow the viewing of such species as polar bear dens to monkey island.  Those who manage the zoo do so with pride, as well as a long-term commitment to its success.  This commitment includes modernizing and replacing the exhibits when the need arises.  The zoo has its beginnings as far back as the 1800s, and since the 1990s, it has seen an ongoing process of updates to the exhibits.  With those updates, some new exhibits have been added, such as Primate Panorama, Tropical Discovery, and the ever-popular Predator Ridge.  When it comes to popular attractions available in Denver, the zoo tops the list.

The address is 2900 E 23rd Avenue, Denver, Colorado.



Colorado State Capitol

Located on the just east of the Civic Center Park, along a low set hill, is the State Capitol.  The structure is designed in true classical-style and fixed with a gilded crown dome estimated to be 250 feet high.  There is an area on the dome’s drum that allows visitors to the Capitol to partake of the magnificent views offered by the city’s magnificent skyline as well as the Front Range.  On the west side of the Capitol, the 13th step has noted significance, in that it is precisely one mile above sea level, the feature that gives Denver its moniker “mile high city.”

The address is Broadway and East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado.


Denver Public Library

The Denver Public Library, which officially opened to the public in 1995, was designed by famed architect Michael Graves.  The library is primarily known for its collections of both western history as well as those related to genealogy.  Standing outside the library is a sculpture red-orange in color and standing thirty-three feet tall.  This structure commonly serves as a landmark reference.

The address is 10 W. Fourteenth Avenue, Denver, Colorado.


Top 10 Restaurants in Denver


When planning your visit to the “mile-high city,” don’t forget to plan where you will be able to stop and get a bite to eat.  Denver hosts a wide variety of dining cuisine, from something as simple as a quick bite to being able to relax and dine on a fine meal.  We have compiled a list of some of the best restaurants you may want to add to your planning.


Jabroni & Sons

At Jabroni & Sons, the focus in on the hot sandwiches and hoagies, as well as the Uncle Jimmy named Philly-inspired sandwich Philly-inspired Uncle Jimmy.  The rolls, topped with sesame seeds, are all baked daily and in-house.  The owners are continually on the lookout for a new menu item, so they are continually trying something new—so you should always keep your eyes out for any new specials.  When you try the Old Bay coated crab cakes, dipped in a side of cheese, you will soon be telling everyone you know that jabroni’s is the place to be.  Sandwiches typically fall in the range of $13-$16, with various choices of sides starting at $3.


Restaurant Olivia

In 2019, Chef Ty Leon and his associates purchased the then named Café Marmont.  Upon their initial purchase, the team decided they would retain the French cuisine. However, after performing a quick makeover, the team decided to reopen the restaurant with a new Italian cuisine dedication.  The change only seemed to make sense, as Leon’s expertise lay in handmade pasta.  When dining at Restaurant Olivia, you can expect classics such as Bolognese spaghetti, with a meal coupled with basil flavored pesto topping fresh spring veggies.  There is also the offering of cocktails, both classic and creative.  Starters typically run $8.50-$16.50, with entrees in the range of $12.50-$19.50, and cocktails offered at $15.50.


American Elm

Thanks to their extra touches, American Elm offers familiar options that are once again special—notably their loaded tater skins, topped with River Bear brand bacon, a creamy sauce of horseradish, expertly smoked cheddar, along with chimichurri created with ramps—a virtual explosion of taste.  If you fine you are in the mood for something light or may look to share a meal, we suggest trying their starters—the portions are enough for two.  If you find you want something a little more filling and substantial, why not try any of the offerings on the dining menu.  Starters run from $12-$18, entrees are $16-$29, and a refreshing cocktail will run between $10-$14.


The Wolf’s Tailor

House-made pasta created from heritage milled grains takes center stage at this dining establishment.  Keep in mind that the menu offerings, more often than not, are known to span across many global cuisine borders.  You can choose from summer pesto with paccheri, or if you are in the mood, long noodles coupled with Szechuan pork, cucumber, peanuts, and ginger.  Most of the menu items feature either a wood-fired element or that of charcoal-fired as well.  The one thing that you will expect when trying this restaurant is that when it comes to the menu items, you can rest assured to expect the unexpected.


Owlbear Barbecue

After making his name synonymous along with stellar brisket, at this original outpost of Finn’s Manner, Fallenius put Owlbear on the map when he pulled the switch and opened his own physical brick and mortar location.  His brisket remains a favorite in town amongst the locals. He is continuously looking for new menu item additions—including the choice of large servings of beef ribs, Colorado lamb, pork, and those vegetarians’ diners options including jackfruit.  Meats are served up starting at $6 a quarter-pound, sandwiches are from $7-$9, and sides offered in a range of sizes, with smalls being $4-$6.



After taking one bite of their fluffy, insanely perfect wood-fired pitas, we challenge you not to make Safta’s your number one restaurant for dining.  And, the best part is, the pitas are only the beginning.  You can choose to top their famous pitas with deliciously smooth hummus that is topped with either lamb ragu or a flavorful blending of eggplant expertly roasted, tomatoes, garlic, and peppers.  Rest assured that no matter what delicacy you choose from the menu, you will not go wrong—there are no choices to be had here.  The starters and the hummus run from $8-$17, and small plates on the menu run from $8-$16.  If you are looking at the option of dining in, you can choose from two menus for $50-$70, or if you are looking for a brunch meal, the cost would be $45 per person.


Hop Alley

In 2015, after serving what was termed exquisite ramen to the masses, Tommy Lee opened this Chinese restaurant, known for its combination of bold flavors.  Many have developed the notion that when it comes to acquiring Chinese food in Denver, what it means is receiving beef, chow mein, and broccoli that is—let’s face it—way too sweet.  With a dining atmosphere that features hip-hop music and exuberant energy, the dishes on the menu are perfect and the perfect size for sharing.  Everything on the menu is excellent and won’t disappoint. However, we highly suggest the Szechuan chicken, fried rice, and the tofu chilled with a topping of bang bang sauce.  Plate prices range in cost from $6-$27.



The primary driving goal for the owner of Annette is that each service feel like a friendly dinner party.  If this means offering house-made English muffins topped with burgers for pick up during mandated COVID-19 restrictions or the house’s favorite signature items on the outdoor patio then that is what Annette will do.  Although various menu items are simple in their own right, Annette’s owner is unafraid to push the boundaries when it comes to comfort food—such as the menu staple of the marrow toast topped with beer grilled tongue.  Snacks can run between $32.5-$4.25, with plates ranging between $7.50-$29.



When choosing to dine at Tavernetta, you will find classic Italian elevated to its best.  The menu features such delicacies as trapanese pesto with burrata, along with the beef carpaccio (grass-fed) and finally the gnocchi with zucchini pesto that will magically melt in your mouth.  We would be hardly remiss if we did not take a moment to give the wine the equal attention it deserves.  Small snacks will run $4-$8, with starters coming in at $13-$26.  Pasta is $18-$29, and entrees run $26-$46


Savory Vietnam

For a long time, New Saigon dining has been the number one choice for Vietnamese Denver.  In January of 2019, a new eatery arrived on the scene, offering patrons a vast menu that promises to serve to transport you on an incredible dining journey. Menu items offer those familiar dishes such as noodles bowls, pho, and fried rice, along with those choices that are a little harder to find, such as sauteed snails, squid, or pork belly.  Your best bet is to dine with friends and family that like to share, so then you will have the opportunity of sampling as many of the menu items as possible.  Starters range from $4.95-$19.95, pho is $9.95-$13.95, and entrees run from $12.95-$36.95.