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Thank you! Oh and when your done could you wash and dry the bed sheets in our guest room? We have guest staying over this weekend.

Of course, I'd be happy to do that for you!

Hey Cleanzen, could you vacuum the couch? We made a mess watching the game the other night.

Sure thing, no problem!

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Jennifer is amazing!! She's the best! My apartment has never been this clean. Jennifer and her team are my heroes!!

The best cleaning service in the area! The cleaner was on time, professional and left my place spotless!

Very friendly and through, professional Clean!

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Very friendly and through, professional Clean!

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Very friendly and through, professional Clean!

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Very friendly and through, professional Clean!

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Very friendly and through, professional Clean!

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Very friendly and through, professional Clean!


The Beacon Hill neighborhood is as grand as they come. With its cobblestone, streets, gas lamp posts, and the Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian periods-style row houses, Beacon Hill is one of the most sought-after residential neighborhoods in the Greater Boston Area.


Living in such a prestigious area comes with an expectation about how well your home should be kept. With a busy work schedule, family life, and social schedule, we understand that many Beacon Hill residents may struggle to maintain the high level of cleanliness that their household deserves.


Regardless of whether the task calls for tidying up or deep cleaning, we are dedicated cleaning professionals that will do a safe and thorough job every time. Call us to experience our high standard of cleaning assistance. Our Beacon Hill house cleaning services result in removing the burden of cleaning from your shoulders and places it in our capable hands.


Think about how it would feel to walk into a home that is always clean without you having to lift a finger. Imagine how you could spend the additional time you gain each week while we care for your home.


This is what we give homeowners like you in Beacon Hill: professional cleaning that makes your home look it’s best and saves you a lot of time each month. We understand that our company isn’t the only house cleaning business around.


However, we do trust that our diligent efforts and carefully vetted staff give us an advantage over the competition. If you’ve never found a trustworthy, dependable, and skilled house cleaning service in the past, now you have; give us a call today.


There are many key reasons why Beacon Hill residents choose us:


One-Time Cleaning Services

You may have an important event to host at your home, out-of-town guests coming to visit, or you have been away on a long trip. With a one time cleaning, we can do a quick sweep through your home so you can take care of everything else. Our professional team will thoroughly and painstakingly shine your home from top to bottom.


Recurring Cleaning Services

Perhaps housekeeping is the last thing on your mind as you navigate through a busy week. Whether it’s soccer practice for the kids, dinner with your parents, or strict work deadlines, you can run all day and still have a messy kitchen waiting at the end of the night. You may need more help on a regular basis. With a recurring cleaning service, we can clean your home weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This just leaves you with the job of picking up in between.


Move-In & Move Out Cleaning Services

When moving out of your house or moving into a new one, a helpful hand with the cleaning will make the situation a lot easier. Begin your new life in a clean healthy home, and leave your old home in a good place for the next family. Book our move In & move out cleaning service, and no matter if you are selling, buying, renting, we will ensure that every room is spotless.


Post Construction Services

Going through a remodel or any type of construction to your house can be a messy process and very stressful. A cloud of thick construction dust might settle all through your home as dozens of workmen trample in and out. Once the work is done, our post-construction cleaning services can help get you quickly get back on track. We have designed a thorough process to cover every corner of your home and ensure it is properly sanitized.


Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

Renting out a home that you aren’t using has become very popular in the past few years. With some renters, this arrangement may go well and with some, the mess left behind will make you reconsider the rental business. Get greater peace of mind with our vacation rental cleaning service. We will astound you with our ability to keep you on track with your cleanings, and keep your property ready for the next renters.

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Homes in Beacon Hill, MA


Beacon Hill is a beautiful neighborhood located in downtown Boston, MA. It is bordered by Cambridge Street on the north, Somerset Street on the east, Beacon Street on the south, and Storrow Drive on the west. Many people view city living as isolating, unsociable places where you never know who your neighbors are. But, the Beacon Hill neighborhood is more like a village than an anonymous city. It is socially dynamic for all ages, from families with children to elders savoring a downtown lifestyle. If you have time visit the Beacon Hill Monument. Also, it is situated north of the Boston Common, which is the oldest park in the United States, and the Boston Public Garden, America’s first public botanical garden. Beacon Hill residents have a rich community life as they stroll the charming streets lined with fine dining establishments and stylish boutiques.


The facades of the houses in Beacon Hill are heavily protected because of their historical significance. The traditional appearance of the area has been well preserved so that it continues to be steeped in history and full of character. An area that is popular for its original appearance is Acorn Street, one of the most photographed streets in America. Tucked in between Willow and West Cedar streets, it can make visitors feel that they’ve traveled back in time.


A characteristic that makes Acorn Street so special is the streets which consist of genuine cobblestones. Flowing with multiple hues and diverse shapes, this street is quite beautiful. Original cobblestone streets are rare, and this is one of the last places to have them.


Besides the beauty of the area, Beacon Hill was also a central location for abolitionist activism in prewar America. The African Meeting House not only served as a spiritual center for the community, but it was also the main cultural, educational, and political hub of Boston’s black community. It was built in 1806 to house the first African Baptist Church of Boston, and is now the oldest black church in America that has remained completely intact. Abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Maria Stewart, Wendell Phillips, and Sarah Grimke all spoke at the meeting house. The Museum of African American History acquired it in 1972. Today, the African Meeting House is a highly-anticipated stop on the museum’s Black Heritage Trail, a walking tour of Boston highlighting the history of the city’s African American community.


Other notable sites in the Beacon Hill neighborhood:


The Boston Bar Association, which is one of the country’s oldest legal organizations, the Boston Bar Association.


The Park Street Church, which holds the honor of being the first venue where “America the Beautiful” was sung. It was a storage site for gunpowder during the War of 1812.


Beacon Hill is located in Suffolk County, Massachusetts which has a population of 807,252. Among residents 25 years old and over, 43.6% of the population has a Bachelor’s degree or higher and the median household income is $61,242. There are 807,252 homes in Suffolk County. 36.3% of these homes have the owner or co-owner living in the unit. The median value of owner-occupied housing units is $430,900.

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