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How to get started -- just go to our website and tell us your relevant information and how big your office, apartment, or house is. With our seamless booking process, Cleanzen will then connect you with top rated office cleaning or home cleaning services to help with your busy schedule.


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At Cleanzen, you’ll only find the best and most trusted home cleaning service. All professional maid service providers are thoroughly vetted by us. Honest and trusted members who we'd be happy to have clean our home.


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Cleanzen cleaners are continuously reviewed after each cleaning by our customers. All cleaners have to maintain high ratings to remain on our platform.


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Your home is your sanctuary. We are committed to providing a trusted, reliable and safe cleaning experience. We only use a home cleaning service that we would trust in our own homes.

Our Goal is To Impress You With Every Cleaning Service

At Cleanzen, we are proud to serve our clients and to deliver truly extraordinary results with every deep clean. Our team of hardworking home cleaning professionals always do their best work and focus on quality throughout every room in your home. We know how important it is for our clients to have a clean home environment, and we make it easier for you to enjoy the results that you need with our home cleaning services in Miami.

A clean home is a happy home. Unfortunately for many residents, it takes extensive time and energy to get the clean home that they need and want. At Cleanzen, we provide you with a better solution for getting a spotless home. From your first booking experience through Cleanzen and for years to come, you can expect each home cleaning service with our top-rated cleaners to be exceptional. We are the full service home cleaning company that you want to reach out to for all of your cleaning needs. Your Cleanzen experience begins when you take advantage of our simplified booking process. You can choose the services that you desire at this time as well as your preferred service date and time. Our system is seamless, which means that you can count on a friendly, qualified team to arrive on time and to work diligently until we produce results that meet your expectations for your deep cleaning services in Miami FL.


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Are you looking for green deep cleaning services in Chicago IL? Ask about our eco friendly cleaning supplies. Together we can make this planet a better place. The cleaning supplies that are used are only the best quality, and will not damage anything.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaner?

Home is where we retreat after a busy day at work, and all we want to do is relax and unwind. Few would argue that there is no better feeling than coming home to a squeaky clean house. In a city like Miami, most residents are constantly on the go and have little time to no time to attend to house chores.


Luckily, professional maid agencies are always on hand to assist with cleaning services allowing homeowners to focus on other important matters. This guide outlines some of the top reasons you should engage a professional maid agency for a clean-living space.

Cleanliness Improves Home Safety

Today, most people prefer to host guests and have parties in residential areas instead of going out to fancy restaurants. However, the aftermath of these parties often leaves houses full of clutter that can block doorways or accumulate in many unseen portions of our living spaces. Homeowners can trip over objects lying on the floor or even slip on wet surfaces leading to injuries, sprained ankles, and broken limbs. Slips and falls are the two major leading causes of death in living spaces.


Furthermore, clutter and spillage of flammable liquids can spark and aid the spread of fire, leading to loss of property or, worse, the loss of life. Keeping your home and surrounding areas free from spillage and clutter makes for a safer living environment for you and your family.

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How House Cleaning Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Imagine walking into a home full of clutter, where laundry and kid’s diapers are all over the place, dirty utensils lying on the kitchen sink, dust-filled shelves, and sofas filled with pet hair. The mere thought of it is overwhelming and can contribute to stress and anxiety, lowering the overall quality of life.


Psychological studies have shown that clean living spaces can significantly improve the mental health of inhabitants. Clean houses are more welcoming, make us feel more relaxed, less depressed, and focus on other essential aspects of life.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaner?


  • Too Busy for House Chores

    People working a full-time job often find it practically impossible to dedicate time for basic house cleaning. Juggling work on weekdays and spending hours on weekends vacuuming and disinfecting kitchen surfaces can feel like having two jobs. After a hectic day at work, all you want to do is kick back and relax without having to worry about the tedious process of house cleaning. With that said, hiring an expert maid service is the go-to solution. Handing over cleaning tasks to professionals not only frees up your time but also saves you the trouble of doing it yourself.


  • Cleaning is Tedious

    Let’s face it, cleaning and mopping is not everyone’s idea of time well spent. Most people sulk at the thought of having to do house chores. Contracting a professional cleaner to handle these tedious tasks saves you from having to do this daunting task.


  •  Use of Appropriate Tools and Products

    Most homes are finished in a broad range of materials from wood to marble, all of which require special care when cleaning. Some surfaces can handle abrasive cleaning, while others are susceptible to scratches and bruising. Expert cleaners are well informed about which cleaning products to apply on the different kinds of surfaces. Engaging these professionals ensures none of your household items sustains damage during the cleaning process.


  • Stellar Results

    Though you are better placed to understand the layout of your home, you are unlikely to clean it with the same attention to detail as a professional cleaner. Professional cleaning agencies train their employees on the best cleaning practices to consistently deliver excellent results. These experts know the hidden spots where germs and dirt accumulate. When you hire experienced house cleaners, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your living space is germ-free.


  • Guests and House Parties

    When a visitor shows up at your doorstep, you will want to make sure your house is clean and guest-friendly. Hosting guests is the fun part; cleaning the house before and after their arrival is always a daunting task. Expert cleaners will dust, mop, and vacuum clean all surfaces to ensure your home is spotless even in the aftermath of a house party.



Home Cleaning Services: What’s Included


Regular Cleaning Services

Regular cleaning refers to what many people consider as general routine services.


Examples of services that fall under this category include:
• Mopping to clear floor debris.
• Vacuum cleaning.
• Cleaning kitchen countertops and bathrooms.
• Dusting all surfaces around the living area.
• Spreading and making beds.


Despite these services being routine and straightforward, the reality is that most people rarely have the time or motivation to complete most of the above tasks hence the need to involve an expert Miami maid service.


Deep cleaning

In addition to basic cleaning, many professional maid cleaners offer a more comprehensive and detailed service commonly referred to as deep cleansing. Some of the tasks under this category will include vacuuming upholstery, polishing wood surfaces, oven cleaning, and fixing and polishing ceiling fan blades. Comprehensive cleaning services are mostly recommended for clients who are engaging professional cleaners for the first time.


Due to the uniqueness of tasks performed under deep cleaning, expert Miami cleaners will charge more for deep cleansing services than regular cleaning.


Laundry and Sanitization Services

Home and office space sanitization are currently in high demand across the entire Florida region. The best maid agencies stay ahead of the competition by employing cleaning practices that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable.




What are the Benefits of Home Cleaning?


Cleanliness is second to godliness. By equating cleanliness to the quality of being godly, this wise saying emphasizes the essence of maintaining hygiene in a person’s day-to-day life. Doctors and health experts agree that not sanitizing your home can have severe implications on your wellbeing and quality of life. Read on to uncover why a clean living space is important for you and your family.


  • It Keeps Germs at Bay

    A great deal of activity happens in our houses daily, and naturally, dust, clutter, dirt, and spillage will most definitely accumulate if left unchecked. All that clutter plays host to many disease-causing germs that can have detrimental effects on our health.


    By regularly dusting, mopping, and cleaning our living spaces, we significantly reduce the likelihood of germs accumulating and causing harm to our families and pets. While we can always do the cleaning ourselves, house cleaning experts are best equipped with the knowledge on how to keep our houses pathogen-free.


  • Reducing Pest Infestation

    Dirty homes are the perfect hideout for bugs and rodents. The messier the house, the more likely pests are to multiply and wreak havoc on valuables. Mice, cockroaches, and other bugs are particularly attracted to food debris, smelly kitchens, and food spills.

    Additionally, these pests tend to host and spread disease-causing germs and bacteria harmful to humans and pets. Mice have a reputation for spreading bacteria and allergy-causing pathogens. Food leftovers should be appropriately disposed of or stored in air-tight containers to prevent pest infestation.


  • A Clean Home Saves You Money

    One compelling argument for keeping your house clean is that it can help homeowners save on costs in various ways. First off, regular home cleaning reduces the need for purchasing costly cleaning products required when dust and grime build-up to unmanageable levels.

    Secondly, some of the appliances we buy for home usage are pretty costly to repair and maintain. Dishwashers, ovens, washing machines, and other electrical appliances are susceptible to damage. Regular cleaning and dusting off these appliances improve the longevity and efficiency of their operations.

    Thirdly, some of the surfaces in our homes, like tile flooring, kitchen countertops, and shelf spaces, are made from costly materials that can be damaged spillage, corrosion, and dirt accumulation. Keeping these surfaces clean not only preserves their value and appeal but saves us the financial strain of replacing them in the vent of damage.


  • Sleep Comfort

    Recent surveys by the national sleep foundation uncovered exciting facts about the correlation between poor sleeping patterns and messy bedrooms. The studies reveal that individuals are less likely to catch sleep when the mind is occupied by all the unfinished chores, especially in a messy bedroom. Activities such as spreading your bed in the morning and regularly replacing dirty bedsheets influence sleep quality. Engaging in these activities keeps your brain from ticking about all the unfinished business in the house, thus making it easier for you to drift off and enjoy a good night’s rest.




What to Consider When Hiring House Cleaning Services in Miami


Miami is home to many house cleaning experts, each offering various services from basic to comprehensive packages. Settling on the right professional comes down to budget, client needs, and your home location. Below we discuss some of the criteria to keep in mind before hiring good maid service in Miami.


  • Experience and Reputation

    If you are going to hire a maid service, you want to hire someone skilled, trustworthy, and has been in the business for quite a while. Choosing a company with a good reputation ensures you get your money’s worth. Experienced cleaners are better placed to handle challenging tasks compared to newly established maid services. When hiring a professional cleaner, it is advisable to inquire how long the company has been in the market and how many clients they deal with regularly.


  • Business Accreditation

    A professional cleaning service entails inviting strangers to your home with the expectation that they will leave your home better than they found it. By hiring uncertified cleaners, you run the risk of having your belongings mishandled, damaged, and possibly stolen. With that said, checking the professional credentials of maid services you intend to hire is the best guarantee that you are working with well-trained experts.


  • Cost

    On average, cleaning services in Miami will range between 100 to 400 dollars. Pricing is primarily determined by location, size of the premises, the scope of work, and the frequency of the cleaning services. Typically, cleaning agencies will send an employee to survey the premises and assess the cleaning required before providing the service. Property owners should always inquire what the price includes and whether they must offer cleaning products and equipment.


  • Customer Reviews and References

    Customer reviews provide a sneak peek into the level of quality you can expect from a professional house cleaner. Credible cleaning companies include a reviews section on their website where existing and potential clients can comment or make inquiries about their services. Too many negative reviews from previous customers should be considered a red flag, meaning you are better off checking out other agencies.


  • Is the Agency Insured?

    Most maid services in Miami market their agencies as fully insured and bonded. This means the agency has taken adequate legal protection in the event of a financial loss or in case someone gets injured while on the job. Hiring a cleaning company with a legitimate insurance cover guarantees that they will adequately compensate for property damage or bodily harm to a family member.


  • Services Offered and Tools Used

    Be sure to check the range of services offered when choosing a professional maid service. The variety of services on offer increases the likelihood they’ll meet any unique cleaning needs you might have. It is also critical to inquire about the products and tools in use by the cleaning agency. Some products do more harm than good and can leave your upholstery stained, bruised, or discolored. Additionally, some cleaning products can be harmful to pets.

Top Things to do in Miami, FL

When you think of Miami, the first image that springs to mind is the glittering beaches, vibrant nightlife, and luxury resorts. Located on the Atlantic coast, Miami is the heartbeat of south-eastern Florida. This section explores the top-rated tourist attractions and activities to make your Miami trip worthwhile and memorable.


1. Everglades Boat Ride Adventure

This expansive subtropical wetland in the southern tip of Florida is one of the most visited areas in the united states. The everglades support a healthy ecosystem rich in abundant wildlife thanks to its extensive coastal mangroves, pine Flatwoods, and iconic marshlands. This magnificent park is just an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Miami city.


Though open all year round, most tourist activity happens during the dry season between December and April. Fun activities to do include taking a tour-guided airboat ride through the marshlands, nature walks, and wildlife spotting to catch a glimpse of the plentiful alligators, leatherback turtles, and exotic snakes.


2. South Beach

South beach is the most popular beach in Florida. This glorious stretch of sand is often packed in the summer. Tourists flock here to enjoy the warm shallow waters and soak up the sun in its impeccable sandy beaches.


3. Experience the Miami Skyline on a Cruise Ship

Away from the wilderness of the Florida everglades, Miami presents plenty of city sightseeing adventures. For less than a hundred bucks, tourists can cruise to the famous Venetian, palm, and hibiscus islands to experience the life of the rich and famous. Spanish tour guides are on hand to point out notable landmarks and celebrity houses along the way.


4. Discover Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay is one of the most visited places in Miami city. The shoreline is littered with plenty of entertainment joints, including a vibrant water mall front. There is also an open-air market with hundreds of shopping stalls that deal in electronics, beauty products, and designer apparel. The streets are brought to life by live performers to ensure all shoppers are entertained.


5. The Historic Art Deco District

The Art Deco District rose to prominence in the 1930s and 40s due to its stylistic architecture. The magnificent buildings are finished in a broad array of colors and display large neon signs. Following the devastating hurricane in 1926, most restaurants have undergone renovation and are now the pride of the south beach neighborhood.


6. Vizcaya Museum

This historic landmark sits on a 28-acre beachfront leading into Biscayne Bay. It is formerly the home of James Deering, a 20th-century industrialist. In 1916, this iconic mansion was constructed by 1,000 European immigrants and featured 34 rooms surrounding a central courtyard. This Italian-themed masterpiece boasts an impressive collection of 15th-century furniture and decorative arts. The museum also contains scenic pools and fountains that are a blend of French and Italian cultures.


7. Jungle Island

The jungle island is primarily an animal sanctuary home to exotic birds, orangutans, baboons, alligators, and tigers. Its botanical garden boasts over 2000 varieties of exotic plant species, including Bromeliads and Heliconias. Visitors also have the chance to interact with capybaras, lemurs, and pink flamingos.


8. Wynwood Street Arts

The Wynwood Walls are a colorful piece of art and spot some of the most breath-taking graffiti on the planet. Brought to life by Tony Goldman in 2009, the warehouse district of Wynwood constantly attracts some of the best street artists in the continent and around the world. Since its revival in 2009, the warehouse now has more than 70,000 square feet of wall space painted in unique art form.


Top 10 Restaurants in Miami, FL

Miami is home to cultural diversity, which is reflected in its buzzing restaurant scene. In the last two decades, Miami’s culinary reputation has significantly changed. This transformation has put Miami in the spotlight as it features internationally recognized restaurants. It is essential for anyone visiting or living in Miami to know where to find Miami’s yummiest foods.


Below are some restaurants you should try out while in Miami.


1. La Mar by Gaston Acurio

The renowned Peruvian restaurant exemplifies the standard and quality of Miami’s dining scene. Guests from all over flock to La Mar to get the chance to enjoy the Peruvian cuisine by chef Gaston Acurio, a supremely talented, multi-award-winning, and author of several cookbooks. At La Mar, diners can enjoy authentic and diverse cuisines at any time of the day. La Mar has a serene atmosphere overlooking the Biscayne Bay and Miami’s skyline.


2. Ariete

Ariete in coconut grove is an American eatery where Michael Beltran fuses his home-style Cuban cooking and contemporary fine dining, which translates to delicious bold dishes. In addition, the restaurant has an extensive menu packed with healthy and tasty dishes.


3. Joe’s Stone Crab

Joe’s stone crab has held its place as a spot for true seafood lovers. It is one of Miami’s historic restaurants popularly known for stone crabs. Joe’s menu has something for everyone, including those that dislike seafood. There are several options, including steaks, soups, salads, and desserts. The restaurant has a calm and relaxed atmosphere, giving diners an incredible dining experience. The restaurant does not take reservations, walk-ins only.


4. Michael Genuine Food & Drink

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is a culinary destination and a dining spot. Michael Schwartz, the founder of this eatery, showcases some of his fresh, local, and unique ingredients in his American cuisine. At Michael’s restaurant, the menu changes daily depending on what is freshly available. Some of the restaurant’s signature dishes are slow-roasted beef short ribs, chargrilled octopus, wood oven-roasted double egg yolk with cave-aged gruyere, sourdough, and chives.


5. Planta

if you are vegan, then Planta is the place for you. Planta offers the best vegetarian cuisine in Miami. Their freshly sourced ingredients from their rooftop garden yield exciting and delicious meals. Among the dishes made at Planta are mashed lentils and beetroot, vegetable sushi, and meat-free burgers made with black beans. Besides that, Planta accommodates nut-free and gluten-free guests. the restaurant also offers spectacular brunch and a full menu of wine, beer, fresh juice, and cocktails.


6. Mama’s Tacos

Mama’s Tacos is the best place to visit whenever you are craving delicious authentic Mexican dishes. They offer perfectly cooked food that is freshly made upon order. Some of their specialties include spicy chicken sandwiches, fried prawns, and chicken tacos. The restaurant offers diners the best Latino experience. The decorations and the music that plays at Mama’s Tacos is a true representation of Mexican culture.


7. Santorini By Georgios

A trip to Miami would be incomplete if at all you do not visit Santorini By Georgios. The restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine, which will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. At Santorini, there is something for everyone. They have specialties such as lamb kebab, Greek pasta and salads, flaming cheese saganaki, wood oven pizza, chicken souvlaki, and fresh seafood. Diners have the opportunity to enjoy meals by the poolside located a few meters from the beach or in their casually elegant dining room. Santorini will not disappoint as you will find everything you would ever want from authentic Greek cuisine.


8. Havana Vieja South Beach

Havana Vieja south beach serves spectacular Cuban food. They have a variety of authentic meals prepared by chef Felix who has vast experience in traditional recipes, which he uses to recreate flavors of Cuban cuisine. Besides that, the restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere which allows diners to enjoy their time at the restaurant.


9. The Bazaar by Jose Andres

The Bazaar offers diners an exciting experience to last a lifetime, led by Jose Andres, an award-winning master chef. The chef’s Spanish heritage inspires Bazaar’s menu. The extensive menu features American, Cuban, European, Southeast Asian, and Japanese dishes. Bazaar’s food is served in an artful manner, which makes it unique and extraordinary. The signature dish at The Bazaar is black rossejat paella-style noodle thin pasta with toppings of prawns, squid ink, and pearl white aioli.


10. CVI.CHE 105

CVI.CHE is a popular destination in downtown Miami. This Peruvian restaurant is popularly known for its creative and unique ceviches. For this reason, the place is always a buzz, with many people flocking the eatery to satisfy their palates. CVI.CHE 105 also offers other traditional dishes which are adorned by many. Other than that, CVI.CHE 105 has modern artwork features and decor inspired by the sea, making it a great hangout joint.