Our Kitchen Cleaning Services

We Focus on: Floors, Appliances, Counters, Cabinets and the Sink


Your home’s kitchen requires significant and regular attention in order to keep the space as clean and sanitary as needed. Through cooking and food preparations, crumbs, spills, splatters and more can cover counters, appliances and the backsplash. Crumbs may land on the floor, and you may find unsightly hand smudges on appliances, cabinetry and other surfaces. This room can also become filthy through the accumulation of dust, dirt and other elements. Even regular foot traffic through this busy room can lead to filth.


While it is easy for this room become dirty in a short period of time, the kitchen must be pristine for your health and well-being. After all, preparing meals and snacks in a filthy space can lead to illness. In addition, cleanliness is essential in order to keep pest infestations and other issues at bay. In many homes, the kitchen is a room that is used for casual conversations between family members, for entertaining and for other purposes. Therefore, the room should be clean for aesthetics as well.


As important as it is to have an immaculate, sanitary kitchen, it can be difficult to find time and energy necessary to give this room the attention that it deserves. Through Cleanzen’s kitchen cleaning services, you can enjoy the results you need to see without exerting the effort yourself.


What to Expect from Cleanzen’s Kitchen Cleaning Services


The Cleanzen cleaning crew will work tirelessly to produce top-to-bottom results that you need in this space, and we focus our attention on all critical surfaces. When the Cleanzen team visits your home for kitchen cleaning services, you can expect us to:


Clean the floors
Wipe down counters, back splashes and exterior cabinet surfaces
Clean hardware for faucets and cabinets
Focus on the cook top and on the exterior of major appliances
Remove smudges and fingerprints throughout the room


When you request more significant kitchen cleaning services from Cleanzen, we can also clean the interior of your refrigerator, oven and cabinetry.

Kitchen with white interior and stainless appliances

Tailored Services to Fit Your Needs

Some of our valued customers handle regular cleaning tasks on their own. For example, they may wipe down their counters at least once a day and sweep the floor periodically. However, they may need help to thoroughly clean this space on a weekly or biweekly basis as needed. Others may only require our deep cleaning services on a monthly or as-needed basis. In some cases, our clients have fluctuating schedules, and they may need more help one week than they do the following week. The frequency of our services as well as the specific services that we provide can be adjusted for your convenience.


Our focus at Cleanzen is to eliminate the stress and hassle of cleaning chores. Through our services, we can free up your valuable time while providing you with a clean home to return to at the end of a busy day. We are committed to your satisfaction with all aspects of your experience, and this begins with our fast and convenient booking process.


Give Yourself the Gift of a Clean Home


There are few things that compare to the sense of peace that you may feel when you can kick your legs up in an immaculate home at the end of a long day. After our Cleanzen crew leaves, all of your cleaning chores can be crossed off of your list, and you can enjoy the results. Kitchen cleaning is labor-intensive, and it must be done regularly. If you need help with your kitchen cleaning chores or with other cleaning tasks around the house, contact Cleanzen for assistance today.

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