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Select the date and time you’d like your professional to show up.

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A certified cleaner comes over and cleans your place.

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Sit back and relax. Enjoy your sparkling home in no time.


There is no risk to try. If your service isn’t right, let us know within 24 hours and we’ll come back and re-clean free of charge to your complete satisfaction. If you’re still unsatisfied you’ll get 100% of your money back. We will give you $50 cash on top.

Reasons to love Cleanzen

How to get started -- just go to our website and tell us your relevant information and how big your home, apartment, or house is. With our seamless booking process, Cleanzen will then connect you with top rated home cleaning services to help with your busy schedule.


Trusted and Vetted Cleaners

At Cleanzen, you’ll only find the best and most trusted cleaners. All cleaners are thoroughly vetted by us. Honest and trusted members who we'd be happy to have clean our home.


Customer Recommended

Cleanzen cleaners are continuously reviewed after each cleaning by our customers. All cleaners have to maintain high ratings to remain on our platform.


Commitment to Trust and Safety

Your home is your sanctuary. We are committed to providing a trusted, reliable and safe cleaning experience.

Our goal is to WOW YOU you with every clean

Cleanzen is made up of friendly home cleaning professionals that go the extra mile to provide QUALITY house cleaning service every time! We understand the importance of a clean, and happy home. We are here to help you achieve that. You can expect from us a transparent and seamless experience from start to finish. A simple booking is the first step you need to take before Cleanzen comes in and WOWS you with a spotless cleaning, excellent customer service, and friendly cleaners!


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Use our checklists to ensure no spots are missed, or chat directly with your cleaner for special requests.

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Thank you! Oh and when your done could you wash and dry the bed sheets in our guest room? We have guest staying over this weekend.

Cleanzen model avatar Of course, I'd be happy to do that for you!

Hey Cleanzen, could you vacuum the couch? We made a mess watching the game the other night.

Cleanzen model avatar Sure thing, no problem!

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Are you looking for green cleaning? Ask about our eco-friendly cleaning. Together we can make this planet a better place.

Are you a commercial space?

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The Housekeeping Service in Logan Square That You Can Trust

Are you exhausted by all of your housekeeping chores? Is your home in Logan Square growing progressively filthy because the chores are getting away from you? Logan Square is a truly beautiful area to call home, but your responsibilities and chores could be blocking you from enjoying the lifestyle that you want.


With Philadelphia’s culture on full display near your home, you could easily feel frustrated and stressed out because you cannot enjoy life in this historic area of town to the fullest. At the same time, you wish your home could be cleaner. After all, a clean home inspires relaxation and peace.


At Cleanzen, our professional housekeepers are standing by and are happy to give you the solution that you are looking for. With maid service from Cleanzen, you can save your time and energy for other more enjoyable things without having to deal with a messy home.

Proud to Meet All of Your Needs for Maid Service

While you may have a system for cleaning your home routinely, some chores do not require your attention as frequently as others. In fact, vacuuming and mopping may be needed weekly in many Logan Square-area homes, but ceiling fans may only need to be wiped down once a month. In addition, your specific needs for cleaning services on any given week may vary based on your personal responsibilities and load at work. Some weeks are simply busier and more stressful than others.


At Cleanzen, our professional maids will perfectly address your unique needs at each visit. You are not required to commit to specific services through a long-term contract, which could be the case with some of the other cleaning companies in the metropolitan area. Cleanzen gives you the clean home in Logan Square that you want and when you need it. Some of our many services include recurring services on your schedule refrigerator cleaning, catch-up cleaning, and more.


Regardless of the type of cleaning services that you need today in Logan Square, Cleanzen is the company that you want to book your next service with. We give you the flexibility and quality that you need from a cleaning company.

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Vetted Professionals Who Get the Job Done Right

Our clients in the Logan Square area and beyond have high standards for the cleanliness of their homes and for the professionals who work for them. At Cleanzen, one of the many ways that we show our respect for our clients is by screening each cleaner on our team thoroughly as part of the hiring process.


In addition to ensuring that our maids have a clean background history, we review their professional qualifications. We know that it takes skill and finesse to clean your home the way you want it done, and we assure you that our cleaning team is comprised of true professionals who know how to do the work properly. We always safeguard our clients’ belongings and hoes.


At the same time, we use superior cleaning equipment and green products to get the work done efficiently, properly and safely. With our maids’ focus on customer satisfaction, they maintain an eye for detail and a friendly smile at all times

Want to Work for Cleanzen?

Make up to $22 per hour. Our top professionals make more than $1,000 a

week. You chose when you want to work and how much. Build your own



The Housekeeping Service in Logan Square That You Can Trust

Logan Square PA neighborhood

Hassle-Free Scheduling for Cleaning Services

Have you tried to set up cleaning services with other Philadelphia maid companies in the past? Hiring a cleaning crew to take care of your chores should not be a time-consuming chore in itself. We understand that our clients hire our maids to save time and to make their lives simpler and easier. A complicated, time-consuming booking process directly erodes the benefits of hiring a maid.


At Cleanzen, we have an incredible booking process that can be completed entirely online and within minutes. More than that, because we do not require you to commit to a long-term contract with pre-determined services, you have the flexibility to tell us which specific chores you need us to do each time you ask our cleaning team to drop by.


Enjoy Life in Logan Square More Fully

Logan Square runs along the beautiful Schuylkill River in the heart of Philadelphia. This community, which spans between Market Street and Spring Garden Street, is where so much of the action in the big city takes place. This community is home to numerous restaurants and bars, historic Logan Square, several colleges, libraries, churches, and more. When you live in a beautiful community like Logan Square, being cooped up indoors doing your chores can be a true drag.


Our Cleanzen crew is happy to give you the extra help that you need around the house. Through Cleanzen services, you can hand over specific chores to professional maids anytime you need some extra cleaning services done around the house.

Set Up Maid Service for Your Home

Are you excited to experience a more simplified approach to a clean home? At Cleanzen, we proudly provide all of the home cleaning services that Logan Square’s residents need now and that they may need in the future. Put away the stress of a long to-do list by setting up the Cleazen services that you need in your home today.


Simply take a few minutes right now to set up your first Cleanzen service through our website, and you can rest easy knowing that our maids will arrive at your door and ready to work at the time you requested.

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