Here at Cleanzen, we understand the importance of an education and how vital it is to success. We want to give back to students so they have an ability to take classes without any limits. We believe that students who are striving for greater education, bachelors and above education are striving to succeed. We want to help you get there. This is what we are offering to help. You can enter this scholarship contest simply by sharing our blog post and leaving a thoughtful and unique comment to [email protected]. The topic is ” 51 Genius Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home” We will be offering $1000 scholarship for the 2022 school year.


To Enter Follow These Steps

  1. Visit: https://cleanzen.com/blog/genius-cleaning-tips-for-a-sparkling-home/
  2. Check out our blog post
  3. Send us an email about what you think about it, and why you think its important to clean your home
  4. Help us share this blog post to your friends and family
  5. Send us an email to [email protected] and write an in-depth paragraph on why you think its important to clean your house. Also include one paragraph of why we should pick you for this scholarship.


How to Qualify for Cleanzen Scholarship

  • For any full time student, working towards a 4 year degree ( Minimum 12 Credit Per Semester )
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited school in the United States.
  • One submission per student


Scholarship Details


The scholarship is for the 2022-2023 academic year. We will select the scholarship winners by September 1st 2022. The student with the best response and the one we think best suited will win the scholarship.



Deadline of submission


The deadline is Sept 1st, 2022. Please submit it by then and we will contact you be email.