Keeping your vacation rental property as clean as possible is time-consuming and challenging, but it is also essential. Your guests expect to set foot in an immaculate home away from home when they arrive, and their first impression can set the tone for their entire experience in your rental home. Your ability to meet or exceed their expectations is essential in order to earn repeat business and to get great reviews. However, regardless of whether you rent the property out by the day or by the week, it may seem as though you are constantly cleaning the property. You may also worry that your efforts are not sufficient. Cleanzen provides you with a better solution with our vacation rental cleaning service.

The Importance of Professional Vacation Rental Cleaning Service
When a guest leaves your vacation rental, you have a monumental cleaning task in front of you. Everything from the crumbs on the kitchen counter to smudges on a glass tabletop can give your next guest the impression that your vacation rental property is filthy. Cleaning your vacation rental as you would your own home each week is not sufficient. While you do need to mop and vacuum the floors and dust the furniture just as you would in your own home, preparing a vacation rental for the next guest’s arrival requires much more effort. All traces of a previous guest must be removed. More than that, you cannot afford to overlook even the smallest task if you want to maintain consistently stellar online reviews.

What to Expect from Cleanzen’s Vacation Rental Cleaning Service
Outsourcing this important task to a professional crew is an excellent way to ensure that the vacation rental is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. More than that, when you schedule vacation rental cleaning service with Cleanzen, you can expect dependable, prompt service when you need it. Even if you have back-to-back reservations, we can accommodate your timing needs. Rest assured that our team can handle the hard work of cleaning and sanitizing the property so that you can focus on managing your vacation rental and serving your guests.

Our cleaning crew will arrive on the day and time that you request. We bring all essential cleaning equipment and supplies with us as a convenience to you. More than that, our cleaning services may be customized to meet your property’s unique features and needs. However, many vacation rental properties share some common cleaning needs, and these include:

Sweeping and mopping hard floors
Vacuuming carpeting and upholstery
Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces
Wiping down all knobs and pulls
Dusting furniture
Removing all waste from the home
Thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms
Cleaning out the inside of the microwave, refrigerator and oven
Returning dishes in the dishwasher to the cabinets
Cleaning smudges from light switch plates and walls
Making beds as needed

Our Impact on Your Vacation Rental Property
When your guests are pleased with their experience in your vacation rental property, they may share positive comments online. These positive reviews directly affect your ability to rent the property easily and for top dollar going forward. Unfortunately, seemingly minor issues, such as a cobweb in the corner, can taint a guest’s experience. When numerous negative reviews are posted online about your property, you may struggle to rent the home regularly and to turn a great profit from it. You also may not generate as much repeat business as you otherwise could. The reality is that you cannot take chances with the cleanliness of your vacation rental property. By entrusting our professional cleaning team with this important and recurring task, you can get the full support that you need while also ensuring that the property is in pristine condition for the arrival of each new guest.

Our Cleanzen team is ready to work hard for you. Contact us today to learn more about vacation rental cleaning services and to discuss how our efforts can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

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