6 Tips To Best Clean a Dehumidifier

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As is the case with all other appliances in your home, your dehumidifier requires regular attention in order to run well. Through the dehumidifier’s regular and essential functions, it will become increasingly filthy. When this happens, it will not work as efficiently. This means that it may use more energy and be less effective at doing its important job. More than that, indoor air quality, the appliance’s longevity, and even the noise level in the home can be affected. If you have not cleaned your home’s dehumidifier recently, now is the time to do so.


  • When to Clean Your Dehumidifier


A typical dehumidifier has an air filter, a reservoir, heating and cooling coils, and other components. When in use, every component in the dehumidifier can collect various types of debris. If more time elapses, mold can even grow inside the dehumidifier. A dirty humidifier can send bacteria, mold spores, and other particles out into your home’s air each time it runs. You can prevent this from happening by cleaning your dehumidifier thoroughly every few weeks.



  • Pull the Plug



You should never attempt to clean your dehumidifier while it is plugged in. For personal safety, turn the unit off. Then, remove the plug from the power outlet. To prevent possible electrocution when you plug the cord back into the wall after cleaning the dehumidifier, ensure that you keep the plug head away from moisture.



  • Clean the Exterior Surfaces


After the unit has been safely unplugged, you are free to wipe down the outer surfaces. The exterior of a dehumidifier can become caked with dust and other elements, and this can interfere with the unit’s ability to function well. Generally, this grime can be removed by simply wiping down the surfaces with a dry cloth. If the grime is particularly heavy, a damp cloth can be used. Avoid spraying water directly on the unit. Also, do not use cleaning products of any kind on the dehumidifier.



  • Disinfect the Reservoir



The dehumidifier extracts moisture from the air, and it stores the water in a reservoir or a small collection tank. This water may contain contaminants from the air. In addition, it can breed mold, bacteria, and other potentially harmful particles. Emptying and rinsing out the reservoir every few weeks are essential steps, but these steps are not enough. You can use mild liquid dish soap or white vinegar to clean and disinfect the reservoir. After you scrub away the grime, rinse the reservoir thoroughly. After allowing it to dry, return it to its normal position in the dehumidifier.



  • Clean the Air Filter



The air filter in your dehumidifier must be clean in order for the entire unit to function well. The filter removes particulates to maintain superior air quality. It also minimizes the wear and tear on the unit. Depending on the type of dehumidifier in your home, the filter may be reusable or may need to be replaced. If it is reusable, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. This usually involves wiping down the filter with warm water and liquid soap. You may need to soak the filter in soapy water if you are faced with excessive grime. Otherwise, simply replace the filter with a new one.



  • Clean the Bucket Filter


Some dehumidifiers have a second filter in the reservoir. This is a very small filter that is called a bucket filter. You should refer to your dehumidifier’s owner’s manual for its cleaning and care instructions. Often, the only cleaning step required is to rinse away any gunk with warm water.


  • Suction Away Remaining Dirt


After you follow these steps, you may notice that some dust and other debris remain. The easiest way to finish cleaning the unit is with a vacuum. Using a handheld attachment, suction away all of the remaining dirt particles. You can then reassemble the unit and prepare it for use.





The dehumidifier is only one of many areas of your home that require regular attention. You cannot afford to overlook any areas if you want to create a clean environment for you and your loved ones to live in. We know how challenging it can be to keep up with all of your cleaning chores. At Cleanzen, our maids are ready to step in and lend a helping hand our team can clean and take care of the floors, countertops, toilets, and more. To inquire about our services and our competitive rates, contact our Chicago cleaning pros today.



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