Clean Your Water Dispenser Inside and Out

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Your home’s water dispenser gives you a convenient way to access clean water on demand. Compared to using individual plastic water bottles, a water dispenser is an eco-friendly option that you and your family can feel great about. However, the water dispenser will grow increasingly dirty over time. In order to continue enjoying access to clean water through it, you must thoroughly clean various components of the water dispenser.

  • Why Your Water Dispenser Should Be Cleaned



Regardless of the type of water dispenser you use, you will need to clean exterior surfaces to remove the grime left behind by dirty hands. This grime can include everything from body oils to food remnants, bacteria and more. The water that passes through the system can also make the components dirty. Bacteria, mildew and mineral deposits can be problematic. You should wipe down the exterior knobs and controls routinely.


A good time to do so is when you wipe down your counters each day. The water dispenser should receive more thorough attention every three to six months. If you have trouble remembering to clean the dispenser as frequently as you should, consider habitually deep cleaning it when you change the water bottle. How do you clean a water dispenser?


  • Before You Get Started


Cleaning your water dispenser can be a sloppy project, so it is best to gather all of the supplies you need before you start cleaning any one specific component. You will need a bucket, a large bowl, a sponge, rubber gloves, a microfiber towel, extra towels to lay on the floor around you, a vacuum, dishwashing liquid, bleach and distilled white vinegar.


There are many types and styles of water dispensers, so you should thoroughly read through your machine’s manual before you take action. The manual’s instructions should always supersede these instructions. You will need to remove the water bottle before you can clean the dispenser’s various mechanisms. To do so, you must first unplug the electrical cord from the outlet. Pull the water bottle out as you normally would. Wait several minutes to allow any water in the tubes to drain out.


  • Prepare Your Cleaning Solutions


While you wait for the water to drain out, you can prepare your cleaning solutions. One of these solutions is bleach and water, and this combination will be used to disinfect the components. It can kill bacteria and mold. Pour a tablespoon of bleach and a gallon of water into your large bucket. Then, set this cleaner to the side.


The second cleaner is a combination of white vinegar and water. White vinegar also has disinfectant properties, and it can cut through grime left behind by hard water minerals. In a large bowl, mix a half-gallon of water with three cups of white vinegar. While you will be using both cleaners to thoroughly sanitize the water dispenser, you should never combine these cleaning solutions together.



  • Start Cleaning


Wearing the rubber gloves, use a sponge to wipe down the components with the bleach and water solution. All exposed surfaces should be wiped down, including the bottle collar, the water reservoir, the top of the dispenser and more. The bleach and water combination should be poured down the reservoir as well. Allow this to sit for several minutes while you clean the drip tray. If the drip tray is removable, you can toss this into the dishwasher for fast and easy results. Otherwise, you can fill the sink with liquid dish soap and water. Use a clean cloth and the soapy water to wipe away any grime on the drip tray.



You are now ready to drain the reservoir. To remove bleach from the reservoir, run fresh water through it several times. Then, repeat these steps using the vinegar and water combination. After you have rinsed the vinegar and water solution out of the reservoir, you are ready to clean the air vents. Ensure that all components are completely dry before proceeding to avoid the risk of an electric shock. Use the handheld attachment for your vacuum to suction dust off of the vent. Then, replace the water bottle to its original position. Plug the outlet in, and you are ready to start using the water dispenser again.


  • Get Extra Help Around the House


This is only one of many features in your home that require special attention. We know that it can be a challenge to keep up with all of the chores yourself. Our service providers are available to provide regular housekeeping service to you, and we can tackle spring cleaning chores as well. Contact us today to inquire about our rates and availability.



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