How to Handle a Diaper Blowout

mom changing baby's diaper

New parents find out very soon that diaper blowouts are simply a part of the job. Whether the blowout happens because the diaper has shifted or because of something your baby ate, your task is the same. You need to deal with the messy cleanup job in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Initially, you may be so disgusted and overwhelmed that you do not know where to start. When the next diaper blowout happens, simply walk through these steps.



  • Ask for Help

A typical blowout means that your baby, clothes, furniture, and even you are covered in a stinky mess. You could use an extra set of hands to help you get through this situation more easily. If anyone is available to help, do not be afraid to ask for the support that you urgently need. Even if the only other person nearby is your toddler, simply asking your toddler to bring you a towel or some wipes can help you to get things under control more easily.



  • Clean Up Your Baby

Each blowout situation may be slightly unique, but the most important task at hand is usually to clean up your baby. If possible, place a clean towel or blanket underneath your baby before you get started. Remove your baby’s clothing, and roll them up neatly so that all of the mess is contained on the inside of the clothes. Then, get to work cleaning the mess off of your baby’s skin using wet wipes or a clean washcloth. With a truly messy situation, you may want to give your baby a bath after removing all of the visible mess.



If you and your clothing have also gotten dirty, you also need to clean yourself up while concentrating on your baby at the same time. The reason for this is because any mess on you could transfer to your baby.




  • Focus on the Clothes

After your baby is clean, ensure that he or she is in a safe location so that you can concentrate on cleaning up the rest of the mess. Some diaper blowouts can result in stains that ruin clothing, so dealing with the mess properly is essential. Remove as much of the debris as you can using a clean cloth, toilet paper, or wet wipes. Remember to clean all blankets, towels, or other items that have also gotten dirty. Then, pre-treat the spots using your choice of cleaning agents. The best stain removal agents are those that are nearby. After the stain remover has had time to work its magic, you are ready to run a load of laundry.



Use the warmest temperature setting that is suitable for the clothing. Most children’s clothes can be washed in hot water, but read the label to be on the safe side. It may be necessary to wash the clothes a second time in some cases.



  • Disinfect Your Home



In an ideal situation, a diaper blowout will be contained to messes on skin and clothes, but some blowouts are a much bigger ordeal. The mess can get on furnishings, flooring, and other areas of the home. It could even be on a stroller or a car seat. All items that can be removed and laundered should be. Then, wipe off as much of the debris as you can with paper towels or other disposable items. Depending on the material, you may be able to use a non-bleach detergent or liquid dish soap to tackle stains on upholstery. White vinegar and warm water can be used to dilute these messes. If the mess is on other surfaces, only use products that are safe for use on those specific surfaces. When in doubt, test a discrete area before tackling a stain in an obvious area.



  • Prepare for Future Blowouts

The unfortunate reality is that this diaper blowout will not be an isolated event. Now is the time to plan ahead for blowouts at home and while you are out. Always keep a clean towel or two as well as many extra wipes near where you normally change your baby. In addition, have a stain treatment product available in your laundry room. Many parents also invest in a handheld steam cleaner to address issues on carpet and upholstery. To prepare for blowouts outside of the home, keep an extra change of clothes, a clean towel, a stain treatment product, and a few clean plastic bags in your diaper bag for these situations.



  • Lighten Your Load



You have your hands full taking care of your family. At the same time, you cannot afford to let your cleaning chores slide. Reduce your stress level and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner home in the process by hiring our top-rated Boston cleaners to help out around the house. To learn more about our Boston services, contact us today.


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