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While some people find housecleaning to be an enjoyable and even therapeutic activity, others feel like it is a necessary evil. There seems to be no end to the dust, dirty dishes, and piles of laundry that continue to stack up.


While everyone in the home contributes to making it absolutely filthy on a regular basis, it may seem like you are the only one who puts in the effort to keep it clean. The best way to beat the stress associated with cleaning your house is with a touch of laughter. These memes are sure to do the trick.


“Housework can’t kill you, but why take the chance?” ~ Phyllis Diller




Phyllis Diller spent the better part of her life finding humor in daily activities and sharing them with her fans in her own eccentric way. As a mother of six children, there is a good chance that she felt the burden of constantly doing laundry, sweeping the floor, and scrubbing bathtubs. This is only one of several Phyllis Diller quotes that poke fun at cleaning chores.



After you clean the dust off of your ceiling fan blades, you have to wash your hair, change your clothes, and wash your comforter. Daily Cleaning Recommendations




Ceiling fan blades can become filthy with dust bunnies and other debris. When dirty blades circulate, some of this debris can fly through the air and make your space dirtier. If you have cleaned your ceiling fan blades recently, you may have wished you had pulled out a raincoat and covered the floor or bed under you with plastic sheeting. This is only one of many cleaning chores that actually seem to make your house dirtier than when you started.



Do you know what would make cleaning the house more fun? Neither do I.




You can find some level of enjoyment in many activities that are seemingly unpleasant, but cleaning the house is not one of them. The only good thing about cleaning the house is when the project is over. Of course, that wonderful feeling of being in an immaculate home may only last until your pets and kids are let loose.



Facebook Housecleaning Status: In a Complicated Relationship




If Facebook had a space to mark your housecleaning status, would you say you are happily committed? For most people, the relationship is complicated at best. In fact, it may seem like the best way to be happy with the cleanliness of your home is to hand over the mop and vacuum to a professional maid.



The two solutions to decluttering are spring cleaning and moving. Can you recommend a good Realtor?





The process of decluttering is enormous. It may take many long days of sorting and cleaning to go through every room as thoroughly as needed. In fact, it is such a chore that you may have not given your home’s deep cleaning and the organizing needs your full attention since you moved in. Rather than calling a Realtor to plan for your next move, you could hire a maid to help with the spring cleaning.



The best security system is a house that looks like it’s from “Hoarders.”




When your house is filthy, you will definitely keep intruders away. After all, nobody will be able to find anything that is worth stealing when the house is a horrendous mess. Of course, when your house is chaotic and dirty, you may also keep your friends and other guests away. If your house looks like it has been showcased on an episode of “Hoarders,” it may be time to hire a maid.



My house always looks cleaner when I turn the lights off.




Do you remember when your solution to cleaning your bedroom as a child was to stuff everything under the bed? When your parents caught onto that, you tried to hide your junk underneath other stuff in your closet. Turning out the lights is the adult’s whole-house solution for easy cleaning results.


Did you know that you can tailor-made services to meet your needs? Some people may love the idea of a housekeeper giving their home a top-to-bottom cleaning every week. Others may have a specific area of the house that they hate cleaning, such as the bathrooms. Perhaps you can keep up with the weekly chores, but spring cleaning your house seems far too time-consuming and exhausting. Regardless of the level of help that you need around the house, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to professional cleaning services.


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