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When your blinds are coated with dust bunnies and fine debris, they may appear discolored and drab. The filth can make your home look dirty even if it has recently been cleaned. When opening and closing dirty blinds, you can propel dust, dander and other debris throughout the room. When you know how to clean blinds the easy way, you can minimize indoor allergies and keep your home cleaner.


What is the Best Way to Clean Blinds?


Having the right supplies for the job can make it easier to clean your blinds. For general cleaning, you will need a vacuum with a handheld attachment and a microfiber cloth. If you are dealing with stains, you also need a clean sock and white vinegar. For deep cleaning, the blinds should be removed. You will need a screwdriver and dish soap for a deep clean.


For General Cleaning

  • Open the blinds. Wrap the cloth around the top and bottom of a slat, and rub the slat down. For horizontal blinds, always start at the top and work your way down. For vertical blinds, start at the top slat. It does not matter if you work from left to right or right to left, but you should stick with the same flow once you get started.
  • To remove stains or difficult-to-clean spots, fill a bowl with soapy water. Get a microfiber cloth wet, and wipe the slats with the same motion described in step two. You may need to periodically refresh the cloth by dipping it in the soapy water. You could also use vinegar and water. Be aware, though, that water, soap and vinegar should not be used on wood blinds. After removing the direct, use another towel to dry the slats. This will prevent water spots.



You could skip the microfiber cloth method and use the handheld attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Use the lowest setting on your vacuum.

  • Before using the attachment, test a small area to ensure that the vacuum will not damage the blinds.
  • With the blinds closed, run the attachment across the slats. You may need to go over each slat multiple times to remove all of the dust.
  • Then, reverse the slant of the blinds, and repeat the vacuuming process.


Check out this TikTok hack on how you can easily clean your blinds—easy peasy!



3 blind cleaning tips & tricks that will make life easier! ✨ Instead of flinging dust around and smacking the window with the duster. Which makes me very frustrated!! 😡Try one of these:   1.     Close your blinds to face one way and dust WITH the direction to clean the entire sides at once👆 
Then Flip the blinds the other way and dust with the blinds again, getting both sides fully and quickly!👇🏼 2.     Use a vacuum and brush attachment to vacuum up dust and debris quickly and use it in the same pattern OR open the blinds and get between each one, if easier for you! 🧹 3.     Secure Microfiber cloths on the ends of tongs and use them to clean each blind. Spray with multipurpose cleaner to clean or just spritz with water to dust! 🍴     Products 🔗 in my Amazon Shop in Bio. Follow for more cleaning & organization tips! 🧼 #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #cleaninghacks #cleaningtips #cleaningmotivation #blindcleaning



For Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning the blinds is recommended once or twice per year.

  • Take the blinds down using a power drill or screwdriver. When doing so, pull the blinds up as far as possible for easier removal.
  • For most types of blinds, except real wood blinds and cellular blinds, fill a bathtub with a few inches of warm, soapy water. A few drops of liquid dish soap are enough. Place a large towel on the bottom of the tub to avoid scratching it.
  • Place the blinds in the bathtub so that they are completely submerged. Use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe each blade individually.
  • Drain the water from the tub. Then, refill it with clean water to rinse the blinds.
  • Using a microfiber cloth, dry each blade. You can also allow them to air dry outside before reinstalling them.


For real wood blinds and cellular blinds, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Generally, the best way to clean them is with the handheld attachment to your vacuum cleaner.


Can You Clean Blinds Without Taking Them Down?



Blinds can be cleaned regularly without taking them down. The best way to deep clean them, however, is by taking them down and cleaning them in the bathtub with soap and water.


How Often to Clean Blinds


It is easier to clean blinds when the dust has not had time to accumulate in a thick layer. Because of this, it is best to clean the blinds every week or two. When you dust your other furniture, you should also clean the blinds. Remember to clean the blinds before you clean the floor. Any debris that flies off the blinds when cleaning them will land on the floor.


How Do You Clean Other Types of Window Treatments?


Drapes, shades and roller blades also need to be cleaned regularly. You can do so with the handheld attachment to your vacuum. In many cases, you can spot clean areas with soapy water, but do not oversaturate the material with water. Always read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions first for steps suitable for your specific window coverings.


How to Brighten and Re-Whiten Yellow Blinds


Blinds and cords will discolor over time due to exposure to sunlight. When this happens, it is best to replace the blinds. Before replacing them, however, you can attempt to clean them with bleach. Spray bleach on a clean cloth, and wipe down each blade individually.


Tips to Keep Your Window Blinds Clean Longer


Each day, your blinds will gather dust, and this dust and dirt will build up. When it accumulates, the blinds are tougher to clean and may even require deep cleaning. You can keep your blinds from accumulating layers of filth by cleaning them each week when you dust your furniture.


Here are more tips from Real Simple on how you can easily clean your blinds!





Can you clean blinds with dryer sheets?


Blinds can be cleaned with dryer sheets. In fact, because dryer sheets cut down on static cling, they may repel the dust so that less grime accumulates on them before your next cleaning session. Simply wipe both sides of the blades with the dryer sheets.


How do you clean dirty blind cords?


Blind cords can grow dirty and may even stain over time. You can spot wash dirt spots and stains would a cloth dampened with soap water. You can also wipe them down during your next deep cleaning session.


When to Replace Blinds


Peter Griffin Family Guy GIF - Peter Griffin Family Guy Blindes GIFs


Blinds should be replaced if they are warped, broken or damaged. In many cases, blinds also may need to be replaced if they have faded or turned yellow from exposure to sunlight.


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