Keep Your Home Dust Free (Dusting Hacks & Tips)

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When there is dust in your home, you may start to sneeze, cough, or experience a runny nose. Even if you do not suffer from allergies, you could be tired of the never-ending layers of dust that settle in your rooms. Not only is it unpleasant to look at, but it also lowers the quality of air in your home. If not addressed, it can negatively impact your lungs and overall well-being.


To eliminate the dust from your residence, you may start with learning more about how it forms and the ways it can get into your home. The current season, where you live, the number of people in your home, whether you have pets, your lifestyle habits, and how you clean all play a part. Continue reading below to learn how to address the places where dust can settle and ways to create a dust-free home.

  • Hidden Areas Where Dust Settles in Your Home


As you walk through your home, there are places where dust has visibly gathered. When you glance at bookshelves and tabletops, you can see the powder-like substance spread across the surface. With these spaces, it is easy to keep a room clean. However, other areas are hidden away and can cause plenty of problems in your home.


  • Blinds



Curtains and shades are a lovely way to decorate your home, but window blinds provide more control over the amount of light you let in. Although these can be more helpful, you may not notice the dust that gathers on them. Instead of wiping across the outside, you must swipe inside each slate to properly clean them.


  • Electronics


It would be hard to be productive or entertained at home without the help of your electronics. You may focus on the screen of your television and computer, but a glance behind them may reveal a buildup of unsightly particles. The warmth from your electronics draws dust to them and must get dusted frequently.


  • Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans



Light fixtures get used to illuminate your rooms, and ceiling fans keep them cool, but they also attract bugs, cobwebs, and dirt. With these appliances, the dust can decrease the effectiveness of the results you receive. Microfiber cloths are usually the best choice when handling these devices.



  • Peaks of Doors, Windows, and Cabinets


With the doors and cabinets in your home, you can store your belongings and keep your possessions well organized. Because you cannot see the top of them, you miss the alarmingly high amount of debris accumulating on top. Using a duster with an extended pole will allow you to tackle these areas without using a ladder.


  • Flooring and Baseboards



As people and pets enter and leave your home, they can track contaminants like dirt, pollen, grime, and other pollutants. These gather in your flooring and baseboards and should get cleaned using a vacuum with a HEPA filter or a distinct bag with increased thickness. This process will prevent the vacuum from redistributing the dust back into the air.


  • Getting Rid of Dust in Your Home


You may start with a plan to address these areas regularly, but other responsibilities can get in the way. You cannot completely eliminate all dust from your home, but you can lessen how much accrues. The substances that are inside of dust can be harmful to your health and your surroundings. By keeping it out of your home, you soothe your senses, your home feels cleaner, and the air will be cleaner. Here are tips to get this accomplished.


  • Keep Shoes Outside


Many people think that dust is composed of dead skin and dead mites, but it mostly contains bits and pieces from outdoors. You can make a tremendous impact on the dust in your home by removing your footwear before entering your home. If that is not feasible, you should keep them close to the entrance and put on house slippers instead.



You may worry that this will allow a pile of dirty, smelly shoes to collect and block the door. Yet, you can use boot trays, so your family and friends know where to place their shoes. Plus, this receptacle will collect any mud and grime that gets brought in. If you add mats on the inside and out, you will see even more improvement.



  • Change Your Bedding Each Week


You often hear warnings about frequently changing your mattress to maintain a wholesome lifestyle. But, this is not the only bedroom area where dead skin, dander, and dust will build up. If you shake your pillows and bedding, you will notice an unpleasant collection located there also. You can reduce this by changing your linens and laundering them. This cleaning includes your mattress covers, sheets, and pillowcases weekly and your comforters monthly.



These steps help protect you and members of your household from potentially harmful effects that come with dust. But, there is more you can do to keep your home safe. With bedding that has antimicrobial protection added in, you will help slow and stop the spread of germs.


  • Clean Effectively


You may have ways to clean your home that you learned from your parents or other family members. Yet, these methods may not be the most effective way to freshen your space. For instance, dusters are very popular but not quite effective because dust can easily escape the feathers. A more successful approach includes using a wet cloth along with a gentle cleanser or polish to trap the dust and clean your surfaces.


When it comes to vacuuming, you may push your machine back and forth without a particular plan in mind. Yet, this may be too fast or infrequent for a thorough clean. You can increase or decrease the number of times you vacuum based on how many people are in your home. As you clean your floor, move slowly from wall to wall. After that, turn around and do it once more.


  • Try Cleanzen Residential Cleaning Team


Managing a household and keeping it clean is much more difficult today. With the demands from handling your job and caring for your family, you may struggle to get housework done. Your home may have various surfaces that require special attention, and you may not clean each area in the best way. Along with that, you could be missing opportunities to advance your career, participate in community events, improve your health, and socialize with friends.



Do not allow household chores to keep you from activities you love; let our team clean for you. Cleanzen cleaners have the extensive training and equipment required to give your home a robust, sparkling clean. To learn more about how our expert cleaning skills can knock your socks off, complete the online booking form located on our website. Enter the necessary information to schedule your service, and then you can relax. We will go over and beyond to exceed your expectations.


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