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Even when you clean your tile floors and backsplashes regularly, the grout can still become discolored with dirt and mildew.


This can make your home look grimy even if you have recently cleaned it. Cleaning grout is a tough job, but you can lighten your workload when you know how to clean grout properly.

How Often to Clean Grout


The porous nature of grout allows dirt and other particles to collect and build up over time. When the grout is exposed to moisture and humidity, mold and mildew could also start growing.


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Generally, the grout will continue to collect dirt and allow mold and mildew to thrive after it has been cleaned. Because of this, grout should ideally be cleaned every three months.


However, if you live in a humid climate or have an active house with more pets and people, you may need to clean the grout every two months.


What is the Best Thing to Clean Grout With?


There are several methods available for cleaning your home’s grout. The method that you select may be based on if mold or mildew is present and how much time you want to spend scrubbing the grout. If you do not have a special grout cleaning product in your cabinet and need to clean quickly, you can make your own cleaner.


Pour baking soda in a bowl. Then, slowly add and stir hydrogen peroxide into it until you have a thick paste. Apply the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste with a small scrub brush, and scrub it in. There will be a light, white residue, so you will need to wipe the grout with a damp towel after scrubbing it.


Another DIY grout cleaner uses vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. Squeeze all of the juice from a small lemon in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar and enough baking soda to form a paste. As with the previous DIY cleaning solution, scrub the paste into the grout with a small brush. Then, clean it off with a damp cloth.


Check out this video as it highlights another homemade cleaner combo that can lift dirt and grime from your grout.



Best Commercial Grout Cleaners


Numerous commercial grout cleaning products are available as well. These are heavy-duty products that usually are made out of bleach and harsh chemicals. You should use gloves and work in a ventilated area when using these products. Follow the specific instructions on the product’s packaging for the best results.


Zep Grout Cleaner & Brightener


One of the best commercial grout cleaner in the market is Zep. It can be purchased in most stores where cleaning products are sold. Zep has strong acidic properties, so you should wear gloves and safety glasses when using it.


To clean with Zep, lightly pour it directly on the grout of a tile floor. If you are working with vertical tile, such as on a backsplash, apply Zep to the grout with a brush or cloth. After three minutes, scrub it thoroughly. Then, wipe the area down with a damp, clean cloth.


Magic Eraser


To use a Magic Eraser to clean your grout, get the scrubbing pad lightly moist. Then, simply scrub the grout. Because the grout can damage the Magic Eraser quickly, you should have several of these pads available even when cleaning a relatively small area.


Keep in mind that the Magic Eraser pads will leave behind crumbling elements, so you will need to vacuum the floor after cleaning the grout.


How to Clean Grout with Stubborn Stains


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While these methods will thoroughly clean the grout in many cases, they may not be effective at removing stubborn stains. To address tough stains, spray bleach directly on the grout. Then, use a steam cleaner to extract the bleach and grime. You could also replace or paint the grout if there are numerous or large stained areas.


Grout Sealing


After devoting the time and energy to clean your grout, you understandably want to preserve your results for as long as possible. Grout sealant is a thin, clear coating that prevents grime from working its way into the porous grout. The product’s packaging will provide specific application steps.




How can I get my grout white again?


Several products can be used to whiten grout. The lemon and hydrogen peroxide in do-it-yourself cleaning agents have whitening properties. Zep and household bleach also can whiten discolored grout.


If you want to add extra whitening power to your cleaning sessions without the unpleasant smell of chlorine bleach, use oxygen bleach. After using your preferred cleaning method and rinsing off the products used, make a paste out of oxygen bleach powder and water. After allowing the paste to sit on the grout for 20 minutes, scrub it and wipe it clean with a moist cloth.


If none of these options work well for you, you could paint the grout to give it a like-new look. Another option is to replace the grout.


What is the trick to cleaning grout?


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Regardless of the cleaning method that you select to clean grout, you will need to scrub it. Having the right scrub brush plays a key role in how much time and exertion are needed to clean the grout. Look for a smaller brush with firm bristles.


Cleaning your grout from time to time is essential for maintaining a pristine home. In addition to this periodic deep cleaning step, your attention and time may regularly be divided by chores like cleaning toilets, dusting furniture, vacuuming and more.


While you could spend hours each week doing these chores, a better option is to take advantage of Cleanzen cleaning services. Our house cleaners are ready to work for you, so contact us soon for a quote.


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