How Much Does A Cleaning Lady Cost in Boston?

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Affordability of Cleaning Services in Boston, MA


Every wife and mother knows that cleaning house is exhausting. If they also work outside the home, then it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the many cleaning tasks at home. Your spouse or significant other may not say it, but there’s a very good chance she really wants a housekeeper or maid to do the cleaning instead.


Which brings us to the question of just how affordable cleaning service is in Boston. It’s Bean Town, after all, so you’re probably thinking it isn’t exactly cheap. That really depends on who you hire. Hiring our professional house cleaners is really affordable, and considering the many benefits of hiring one of our trusted cleaners, the price is totally worth it. Let’s take a look at a basic example of cost versus benefits reaped.


The Cost of Cleaning Service for a Three-Bedroom, One Bath Home


Let’s assume that your home or apartment has three bedrooms and one bathroom. A one-time cleaning charge is about $170. The cost actually goes down based on frequency because the assumption is that it won’t be as messy the next time the cleaning person comes to your home. If you decide to have someone come in weekly instead of bi-weekly or monthly to clean, we give you a discount of about $20/week or bi-weekly cleaning.



We also offer additional services a la carte. You can request that your cleaning person do everything from blinds to windows to baseboards to oven cleaning and dishes. It does increase your overall cost, but if you only request these services once or once a month, the value of the services is worth it. Every home is picked up, vacuumed, swept, and made to be as clean and comfortable as you like it.


The Value of Gifting Cleaning Services


Gifting cleaning services to someone you love actually is a gift that keeps on giving. If you give cleaning services to your wife or significant other, that gives her more time to relax. A more relaxed partner is one who is more interested in spending time with you and other family members because she (or he) isn’t so exhausted. More quality time together means that everyone living under the same roof is happier and more relaxed.



Additionally, even if you share equal responsibility for the housework, it means that you get a lot of free time too. Neither of you have to focus on who is cleaning what, and nobody becomes angry, frustrated or upset about the cleaning not being done in a timely fashion.


Less stress in your environment means that you can come home from work and just be fully relaxed. So, what would you pay for less stress, less mess, less frustration, more relaxation time, and more quality family time? Some people say they would pay just about anything for that peace and sense of well-being. The good news is that you don’t have to pay an astronomical amount of money to reap these benefits when you hire a professional cleaner to deep clean your home.


Do the Math


If you stop to do the math you would realize that the price Cleanzen charges for services is really quite reasonable. Do you know how long it takes to complete most household tasks? It really depends on the size of your home, but let’s take the above example into account again.


It takes about twenty to forty minutes to pick up a room. It takes another ten minutes to vacuum or sweep. Dusting is another fifteen minutes, especially if there is a lot of dust on furniture and objects in a room. Right there, you’re already at an hour for just one room. The bathroom is a whole other set of tasks that take at least thirty to forty-five minutes when done correctly. All in all, you could spend four-plus hours a few times a week cleaning your home.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you book a weekly cleaning with Cleanzen. At about $143/week for basic service, you are getting four to five hours of cleaning done. That’s roughly $35/hour, give or take a few hours and a few dollars. It may seem like a lot when you break it down this way. Yet, when you stop to consider that you don’t have to do any of it yourself and you are getting back that time for you and your family, it’s worth it.


Keep in mind that this example uses the three-bedroom, one bath home example. If you have fewer rooms, it costs less. If you have more rooms, it will cost a little bit more. Still, when you consider how much more free time you will have to sit in your clean abode and relax, you can see the value.


Go Online and Book With Us Today!


Our online pricing tool makes it really easy to see exactly what it will cost to book cleaning services with us. From the drop down menus, select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want cleaned. Then select your a la carte services, if you would like. The cost is reflected on the right hand side of the screen. You can change, add, or drop any of the services at any time. You can even change the frequency to see a drop or rise in cost.



Once you have made your selections, enter your information to find one of our cleaning professionals. Our pros live and work all over Boston and accept jobs as the jobs become available. Pay online ahead of time to avoid any uncomfortable payment moments, and then just let the cleaning professional in on the day of service. Our cleaning people get the job done quickly and they do it well the first time.


There are no contracts or service length requirements. There are no hidden costs. What you see on the booking screen is what you get. Get started today and give the gift of cleaning services to someone you love!


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