What is Included in a Basic House Cleaning in Boston?

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The last thing you want to do is come home to a dirty home after a long and stressful day at work. Although it needs a lot of hard work, effort, and time, cleaning your house is essential in living a healthy and happy life. Everyone thrives in a sanitary and clean environment. But, how can you basic clean your home to prevent a build-up of dust, dirt, and grime?


Although cleaning your house is unavoidable, many people do not know the proper way to do it. Often, you will find that many people struggle with whether to vacuum or dust first or the correct basic cleaning procedure when it comes to cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen. Here are several practical standard cleaning techniques to make your work easier and ensure your house stays clean and tidy.

What is Basic Cleaning?


Also referred to as standard cleaning, basic house cleaning refers to regular cleaning tasks to keep your home fresh and clean. The level and intensity of cleaning and maintenance duties depend on your lifestyle and the size of your house.




Do you have a toddler running around your house dropping food particles everywhere? Are there teenagers in your home who leave sports gear and shoes lying around the house? Despite the situation in your house, you likely have to basic clean it regularly to keep it sparkling clean.


In other words, consider basic cleaning to be everything you do weekly or biweekly to keep your home sanitary, fresh, and pleasant. This is especially true if you do not have professional help. Basic cleaning is a lower-cost service often performed continuously for people who utilize or are considering employing a professional housekeeping service. The tasks involved do not take long to complete, but they are essential in ensuring that your home remains dust and dirt-free.


A professional standard cleaning will typically cover the following procedures. However, the details will vary depending on the cleaning company. Many professional cleaning services that provide essential house cleaning services will often discuss your demands for each space upon meeting you for the first time. Keep in mind that you can change your service needs as needed, making it easy for you to keep your house clean regardless of your current demands.


In general, professional basic house cleaning in Boston includes:

• Dusting various surfaces,  light fixtures, photographs, furniture, and so much more
• Removing cobwebs
• Vacuuming all carpeted surfaces
• Mopping floors
• Making beds
• Emptying dustbins
• Cleaning bathroom countertops, bathtubs, showers, tiles, and toilet
• Cleaning mirrors
• Scrubbing and disinfecting sinks
• Wiping stovetops and backsplashes


Tips For Basic Cleaning Your House


Although DIY standard cleaning of your home may sound overwhelming, it is relatively easy to do if you have a checklist of things to do around the house. Below are a few helpful things that can help you start when cleaning your home.


1. Decide to clean the entire house and not one room.


Instead of cleaning the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen one at a time, it is more effective when you do one chore (dusting, mopping, and vacuuming) and repeat it in each housing space. This way, you will not feel like you are in a perpetual cleaning loop, repeating the same type of chore.


Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: The Complete Bedroom Cleaning Checklist


2. Put all your cleaning tools and supplies in a caddy.


Putting your cleaning tools in one easy-to-carry location makes the work much more manageable. Whether you prefer a bucket, caddy, or bag, you will not have to spend time looking for cleaning equipment. Also, you will not have to waste time collecting them before the next time you decide to clean.


3. Get rid of the mess.


Go around each corner of the house and clear up the debris before cleaning. Think of whether to store everything away, trash it, or give it away as a donation as you collect it – from well-read paperbacks to magazines to worn shoes.


4. Dusting and Vacuuming


Ensure that you turn off the ceiling fans before you begin wiping off the dust. Dust the bottom of the shelves and the topmost part of the furniture. Do not forget handrails, light fixtures, window sills, blinds, picture frames, ornaments, woodworks, and screens.



For hard-to-reach areas like the top of a refrigerator, blinds, and top shelves, wrap a microfiber cloth to the tip of a broom or mop. Change the sheets in the bedrooms before you start to vacuum. Also, do not forget to wipe clean all the glass and mirror surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth first, followed by a dry cloth.


5. Disinfect Surfaces and Countertops


Wipe down all of your home’s hard surfaces, including cabinets, counters, and appliances, do not forget the light switches, doorknobs, phones, and TV remotes. Some of these surfaces, specifically those that may spread germs to the faces and fingers of others, should be disinfected. Mix a quarter or half cup of apple cider or white vinegar with one cup of water to create a harmless disinfection solution. Use a sponge or a microfiber cloth to wipe off the surfaces.



Do not forget to spray the solution on the kitchen sink, bathtub, and toilet. Let the solution sit on the surfaces for a few minutes before wiping it off. Cleaning the microwaves inside and removing the garbage is also essential.


6. Sweep and Mop


Clean the kitchen and bathroom floors with a broomstick. Proceed to mop at the room’s furthest corner and make your way toward the entryway. Rinse the mop when you complete a 4-by-4-foot area.


7. Routinely wash your cleaning tools.


Cleaning products maintenance is a frequently overlooked element of regular housekeeping. Cleaning using a full-bagged vacuum or a filthy mop is pointless, and you will spend more time cleaning as a result.




Keeping your house clean is easier said than done. It is crucial to clean your house regularly to prevent dirt and dust build-up. If you need help to clean your home in Boston, our professional cleaning team is ready to assist you. To learn about our regular house cleaning services and schedule your first professional cleaning service, contact our team today!



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