Tips for Keeping Your Living Room Tidy

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Living rooms see the most traffic of any room in the house outside of the kitchen, so it’s no secret that clutter seems to multiply each time you see it. Keeping our living rooms tidy and clutter-free is a constant battle for many of us, if you’ve found a way to maintain yours please share your secrets in the comments! For those struggling to keep things together, here are a few of our best tips for keeping your living room clean and tidy.

Declutter Regularly


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This may seem like an obvious bit of advice, but you’d be surprised how much a monthly declutter can help. When a space is used enough we can often grow used to the unnecessary clutter around the room. By setting aside some time to round up everything that doesn’t belong or hasn’t been used you can start to develop a habit of keeping things under control. You’ll find it becomes easier to spot out-of-place items each time you declutter and soon you’ll be left with a manageably tidy space.


Implement a Clutter Bucket


Even if you are keeping up with your monthly decluttering, things can start to pile up around the room. In order to keep out-of-place items contained many homes utilize a basket or bin to store things that haven’t found a home yet. It should be small and somewhat out of the way so that it doesn’t become clutter itself. This also shouldn’t be a permanent home for these items though, so remember to make emptying the clutter bucket a part of that monthly routine.



Keep Regular-Use Items Within Reach


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When you declutter, it can be easy to grab everything within your sight and hide it away to reduce the unsightly messes. While this may seem like a helpful task at the time it can come back to haunt you when you’re scrambling to find where you hid the remote. Items like remotes, favorite blankets, or coasters should be easily accessible in the living room without having to hunt them down. Everything within your living room should have a home in order to maintain a system of tidiness and organization.


Consider a Trash Bin


While a trash can might not seem like a practical or stylish solution for your living room, it may come in handy on those days when getting up from the couch just isn’t appealing. Having to take trash back to the kitchen trashcan can often deter us from throwing it away at all, so why not find an inconspicuous bin or basket to use as a trash bin in the living room? When you utilize a trash bin, this can help keep you and your family from letting trash become a part of the decor.


Multi-functional Storage Solutions


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If you’re searching for a practical way to keep the necessary clutter around the living room from overpowering the space, there are lots of options for you. Consider a storage ottoman or even a sofa with storage under the cushions for extra blankets, and maybe a coffee table with drawers or shelves for storing board games or toys. By finding furniture with added storage functionality you can minimize the amount of visual clutter around your living room. These storage solutions can keep what you need accessible but out of sight, leaving you with a pleasant environment.


Manage the Cables


One of the ways living rooms can appear more unruly than it is is with a visible tangle of wires and cables around the TV and other wall outlets. Cable management systems are the best way to keep your living room from looking like a wire jungle. There are a variety of solutions available ranging from tabletop clamps to organized boxes you can keep behind the entertainment center. Keeping TV cables, lamp cords, and various chargers within designated storage systems will elevate the overall appearance of your living room.


Designated Areas


Living in a space with multiple family members or children can easily create a sense of chaos around the house, especially in the living room. In order to contain the chaos you can designate unused areas of the living room for different purposes. For example, if your kids’ toys have overrun the area you can collect everything in a bin or two to encourage cleanup after playtime. You can do the same for pet toys and a bed in the corner so that your furry friend’s toys have a home as well.


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Now you have a few new tips and tricks in your toolbelt when tidying up around your living room. Let us know if any of these worked for you and your home in the comments. If you’re feeling completely lost and buried in the chaos and clutter of your home, don’t worry and call or click site to contact us! We’re here to help. For our Canadian friends, you can check out Duty Cleaners if you’re looking for a great professional cleaning service! Their fun and outgoing employees make them one of the best services to hire and they can promise only the best results.



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