Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Services

Surfaces We Focus On: Showers, Vanities, Tubs, Sinks, Toilets, Floors, Trim, Light Fixtures and more


Keeping your bathrooms clean is a serious chore that requires ample time and energy. Scrubbing tubs, shower stalls and toilets are only some of the labor-intensive tasks that require your regulation attention. Unfortunately, many people lack the energy and time required to give these rooms the attention that they need. Cleanzen provides you with a convenient way to save time and energy while also enjoying the essential benefits of a clean bathroom.


The many activities that you and your family members complete in your bathrooms can lend themselves to filth. When your bathrooms are grimy, concerns about the health of your living environment may arise. You may see visible dirt, and the room may smell musty. In addition, spending time focusing on daily hygiene activities in a dirty bathroom can be stressful rather than relaxing. In some cases, you may not feel as though you are as clean as fresh as you should be after bathing or showering because of how grimy your bathroom is.


Giving You Clean, Sanitary Bathrooms


Over the course of a single week, many surfaces in the bathroom can become caked with mildew, bacteria, soap scum and many other unwanted elements through regular use. Cleanzen provides you with a thorough bathroom cleaning solution that will address these and other concerns effectively.


The skilled and hardworking Cleanzen team will arrive at your home promptly at the scheduled time with all of the essential cleaning supplies and tools needed to sanitize your bathroom from floor to ceiling. From removing cobwebs in your bathroom’s ceiling corners to wiping down baseboards and cleaning the floors, we will do it all. We focus on dusting areas that are easy to overlook and that still require regular attention, such as towel racks, windowsills, blinds, cabinet fronts and other areas.


Additional bathroom cleaning services that we can provide on a regular basis include:

Cleaning light fixtures
Removing mildew and soap scum
Scrubbing down sinks, tubs and showers
Cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of toilets
Cleaning mirrors
Wiping down counters

White bathtub and simple bathroom interior

The Flexibility You Need

Many of our valued customers take full advantage of our bathroom cleaning services with weekly or biweekly assistance on a regular basis. Other valued customers use our services less frequently, such as to fill in the gaps with their own efforts. We can even provide one-time services upon request for special situations. At Cleanzen, we provide you with the ability to tailor our services to meet your needs. You have control over how frequently we visit as well as the specific cleaning chores that we complete for you. More than that, you can adjust the services that you need for each visit that we make to your home.


Your Source for All Bathroom Cleaning Needs


At Cleanzen, we understand how important it is for you to enjoy the essential benefits of a pristine, hygienic bathroom regularly. Our cleaning crew will work efficiently and diligently to give your bathrooms the deep-down results that you need. Through our experience and with our solid dedication to excellence, you can feel confident that your bathrooms are in great hands when you schedule bathroom cleaning service with us.


To inquire about this and other cleaning services available through Cleanzen, contact us today.

clean and cozy bathroom with white and gray interior